I want to advertise with the Knot but it’s close to $200 a month for a web advertisement. I want to grow my business but I not sure if I want … No I want to, I just don’t know if there is a better way to do it. Should I make the investment or go a different route? My problem is I’m a single owner operator and with everything else I have going out right now I’m not sure if it’s the right time. Or should I put all my eggs in one basket and go for it? Does anyone else advertise with the Knot, and does it work for you? If so I would love your input, like if or what I might be able to ask for that they don’t advertize that will make my ad stand out even more with them if I choose to go with them. Thanks for your input!
M.Susca www.directsound.com

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One thing I've learned from just a couple of years... don't make that investment unless you really have nothing else going for you, because it is really expensive. Most people should focus on doing their craft and getting better, getting referrals, because those referrals will go a lot further than paid advertising.
Great! Thank you! I do have some great leads and referrals but it just seems like the phone has not rang for a while or just not quite as much. I know the Knot is the #1 Bridal website out there (BridalTweet is catching up;-) so I want to attract the most leads and hits as possible. Sales are a lot about numbers. I have a great product that I know, but need the client to know so I need to get the word out in the best fashion possible. I’m just trying to make sure before I spend a dime or $200 that I do my research. Shang, thank s for your time and input with this issue. I’m hope I can find a good source of advertising that works for me and gives me the exposure I need to attract great clients I can take care of and share in their special day. Michael Susca www.directsound.com
I know few people who advertise on TheKnot with not so great results. Most brides are budget brides and will try to negotiate for lower prices. It also depends on where you at and what your competition is.
Your best advertisement will come from connecting with vendors/networking, and word of mouth.
I would give Google Adword a chance before i got and pay for TheKnot.

Good luck!
Great advise thank you !!!!
I wouldn't advertise with the knot at all. There have been some really bad advice given by them to the point that a lot of vendors have pulled their advertising. They as far as I know have not helped at all vendors in creating new business. I don't know that personally, but another vendor forum I am on, the vendors there have literally torn a strip off the knot. From all the feedback I have read recently.. that is one of the last places you want to advertise on, but to each their own.
Thank you for the feedback... I havent heard one way or the other, the sales people at the Knot talk a good game but I would rather hear it from a vender that ueses them or did .... I hope to hear more on this ...

thanks again

DJ Mike www.directsound.com
Thing is, they promote a lot of DIY things, which are not good for the vendors. I had hits coming from the Knot, and i don't advertise there, so you know brides are looking and doing their research, they just come to the Knot to talk about it. LOL
OK so I will get in the fourms and make my move ... at least its free :)



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