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I recently joined twitter and would like to increase my followers. What are some of your experiences with increasing your follower base?





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For me personally I have had a chance to meet alot of great vendors




You are in luck.  I'll be blogging about this very topic next week.  You'll find the answers right in your inbox on Monday or Tuesday!

Have a great weekend,


Hey Vanessa!

I'll follow you if you'll follow me ~~ http://twitter.com/SayItwChocolate

I'm not sure what good Twitter really does, but I'm there ~~ Perhaps someone will see your page, and click over to your web page for more info, so you really never know. Anyway, good luck with it!

Cindy :)


Here is my latest blog post!  Learn exactly how I got 19,000 wedding followers on Twitter! 

Enjoy, Christine


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