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First Question:
I have a web store and hte company that houses my store has a stats counter. On this counter there are all these numbers and things. I don't understand them. I need someone who does to discuss them with me. If you know about theses things email me and we can do a private or social chat about it in the chat room.

Second Question:
I live in a somewhat large city,Columbus, GA. I have hunted for wedding planners, dropped business cards at bridal stores, and spoke with florist and so far no luck. I only found one planner and she offered nothing in the terms of help she actually tried to steal my ideas. I attended the bridal expo last month at the end of the month but so far no responses, no calls. The florist say they see the brides to late to help send me business and I have spoke with every bridal store. We don't have any specialty stores specifically for weddings and i thought about talking to the one invitation place to see if i could work through them. But they would not call me back. so for this situation what do you do?

please help i am in desperate need of it.

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Jessica, What are your marketing tools? Do you have a portfolio with photos of designs you have done? have you done any event at all? I think that the persons with whom you are dealing would want to see samples of something you have done. I have not seen your website, what is the address?

Especially for a wedding, people - the bride / the event planner etc, does not want to take chances with someone who has very little experience....just in case. Of course the question is usually "If I dont get a chance where will I get the experience?" My answer to you, if you do up some nice pieces/settings and get a good photographer to photograph them and you put them on your site or in a physical portfolio, even if you have not had a lot of experience someone will work with you. And what about your business cards,were they professionally done?
Dont be discouraged just keep on marketing - this aspect of our work never ends. It might not come immediately but invest in yourself, in learning, practising, developing marketing tools etc and of course in the way you present yourself to the prospective brides/planners etc Good luck and I am willing to discuss any questions you may have
i have a full web site and i have three portfolios. so yes i have that my concern was the fact that im the only one in my area that does anything like this and there are no people to network with. my business cards are professionally done and i even have postcards to mail out. there are no planners in this area I've tried to hunt some down and there are literally none. I just don't know what to do in this case, when there is no one to market your work to?
A few suggestions - Market directly to the brides. Have you tried that? Get close to ceremony and reception venues - (they are checked before the invitations go out), when you display at Expos remember you are up against competition so dont wait to be contacted, ask your guests to sign a guest book and then you follow them up after the show, have a few parties and invite persons of influence and brides-to-be to see your display of products.. it does not have to be very expensive - small tea party -
Always remember the biggest marketing tool we have is word of mouth!!
I wish I could help...but I am going through sort of the same thing. I just moved from a tiny town in East Texas to Houston and I've seen a huge drop in my inquiries and my booking...I've only booked one wedding in the past 3 months...before I was booking at least 1-3 a month.

I think you are doing good by making the rounds, just ask if they will let you put out business cards. You could start some sort of program where you could send out special coupons to past brides (or moms or whatever) and have them give them out to's a little postage a little work, but it might help your return.

Also, I'm learning a little bit about SEO (search engine optimization) right now from a friend of mine who is a programmer. One thing to remember is any time - I mean ANY TIME you post ANYTHING online and you have the option to post with it a link to your site - do it!!! Just like the post you did just now - at the bottom, link to your site. Google, yahoo, etc. will see that it will help your rankings in the search engines and push you closer to the top when people search for invitations.

Also, facebook too - when you say, post a photo on your facebook of your invites, in the caption put and it will automatically link to your site if someone clicks it.

I hope this helps a little.

-Angela Duncan
thank you so much i add my web address to evrything usually. i guess i just got carried away with this post and forgot it. but i truly love your advice and will use it to hopefully generate more business. its just hard cause i have been working at this for 7 months.


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