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Do you use two photographers for your wedding day service?

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We do find that is best. It really let's one photographer focus on the couple and what they want, and one focus on the details and candid shots that make a wedding so special. Think about how much was involved in putting together your wedding. Would it really be possible to only have one person shooting that? That's a lot of work. Two photographers helps. I will admit though that one talented photographer will do the trick if they are well trained.
In a day when half of the wedding guests bring a camera, iPhone, Flip, etc, two professional photographers seems like overkill. Two photographers really makes sense of the bride + groom have a "no cameras" request on their invitations (I've shot several of those).
My husband and I are a photography team - we shoot every wedding together and we have received such a great response from our brides+grooms! We have found that it is both comforting and, dare I say, more exciting to shoot together! We bounce ideas off one another, inspire each other and enjoy every moment of it. Having a male and female perspective on the wedding day also helps - I take the bride getting ready while my husband is with the groom, which enables the b+g to get ready at the same time. When shooting the same moments, we shoot with complimentary lenses so that we are always getting two very different perspectives. There is a photographer for every b+g, and for the ones who want the personality + photojournalistic styling of two photographers, there are many out there :)

As a side note, on our wedding day we used one photographer and he did such a fabulous job, but if I could go back and have the option of having two photogs, you bet I'd take it!

A wedding photographers responsibility is to capture all of the precious moments throughout your special day, and while they have their eyes open for all those perfect moments, would it not be much better to have two trained professionals both looking for those same moments? By hiring two wedding photographers you will not only increase the amount of moments that are captured, but you will also increase the total number of wedding photos that you end up with too.

If you can afford it, I would definitely do it since its well worth the extra money.

Good luck!

Phillip Brunelle
Massachusetts Wedding Photographer
MA Wedding Photographers
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My husband and I always shoot weddings together, covers more details in which I think is very important! plus, Tim and I make a great team : )
I almost always use two photographers. However, I usually hit up the local photography professors and ask them if any of their students are interested to get them some experience. That way they get some time and experience in, the bride gets some unique shots and 'extras' and two viewpoints.
I've never shot a wedding that doesn't have at least two photographers. Now if it's a super small wedding of less than 50 guest than one would probably do just fine.
Hi I shoot Weddings always with assistants that carry my spare camera or my wife when available as she is busy as a fashion photographer. The key thing is that you cannot be two places at the same time or always be in the right spot. Doing documentary style photography means you have to tell the story and with two photographers the story has more than one perspective i.e. from within or from the outside the circle of action. A second wedding shooter and a good assistant are worth every penny.

Recently I have decided for location weddings to use the latest sunbounce pro reflectors for natural light fashion effects for clients who want a fashion edge to their wedding images or pre engagement shoot. I also shoot weddings late afternoons and sometimes need my continuos lights LEDs or creative images with off camera flash to light the subjects and or backgrounds . Therefore again you cannot afford now to work alone without some serious back up..

The key thing is of course the investment needs to be paid for with serious clients who want that edge and results. Clearly the images have to match...

Adrian Wood Photography
2 photographers is the best way to go... My husband and I, we both shoot together, we have different points of view... we do different angles...
In a big church... hubby goes up front covering the Groom, entrance of parents, wedding party, while I'm with the excited Bride and her dad... then I jump up to the choir area to take the Bride's entrance from upstairs if possible, the whole Church view...
Even in more simple Ceremonies, it's good to be working as a team... As Kelsy mention, we inspire each other !!!
Wonderful views in here. We are a husband and wife team and feel that with the two of us working together, we get a wider variety of candids, a second artist's perspective and only add value for our clients. The biggest thing however - we just love working together!
I think this says it all. You are 100% correct IMO, that two photogs get two different perspectives and maybe event catch something the other may have missed.

It certainly helps make the day more pleasant when you like working with each other ...:-)


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