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Do you use two photographers for your wedding day service?

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Aside from ours being a husband wife team, we would agree with most posts here. Two are better than one. I think David Rich made the best point, and that is our practice... my wife covers the bride getting ready. We never want awkwardness to enter the client/photographer relationship.
No ,not used two photographers for the wedding.But it is not an bad idea. It's good and take more photos and cover a more pictures.IT's according to your convenience.If  any body needs help to plan a wedding,they may use the wedding app and ease the wedding tension.

If you can afford 2 photographers i highly recommend it. I only quote 2 photographer packages now. I started out as a solo photographer, since moving to 2 photographers i hate to go back. Our coverage together is much better, we are able to get much more artistic, and we each excel in different avenues as well. Being Reno Wedding Photographers and traveling it helps to have a second set of eyes to see sites you have never visited in creative ways. So as i said if you can afford it go for it.

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