I'm looking for some unique bridal shower ideas.  I'll be planning two separate bridal showers this spring, and I'm already getting very excited about them! One is for my brother's fiance, who has asked me to be her Maid of Honor, so I want her's to be really special.  The other is for an old highschool friend.  Since there may be a few of the same people at both I don't want them to be too similar.  I'm liking the idea of a garden party for my highschool friend. Any suggestions on really unique ideas?

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Hi.  I recently did a blog post on "breakfast with the bride".  You would have guests arrive early and serve Champagne and orange juice with a nice buffet breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes, etc...  This is a really nice idea and very big right now.  It makes for a shorter day and the cost is very reasonable.  By doing the invitation "breakfast with the bride" guests know that they will be eating breakfast.


Another nice idea is a winery with a nice lunch and a wine tasting.  Women love this and the scenery would be beautiful too.  As a gift each lady can take a bottle of wine home! 


Couple of idea for you....Good luck



I would plan a shower based on the personal interests of the group; bridal showers themes I have planned yoga, wine tasting, spa, theatre tickets, ballet performance, hula hooping,or jazz performance; Any of these themes can be done with any kind of budget 


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