Ok well, firstly I'm a September 2011 Bride. This is my second marriage, and I say marriage because I darn sure didn't get a wedding the first time around. Sooooo....... this time around I'm getting what I want. The FI and I are a very quirky and unusual couple so it's only fitting that our wedding equals that and encompasses both of our traditions. Quick run down, he's an irish firefighter from WV and I'm a polish jewish tattoo artist. We have set the venue and reception sites, its not what I envisioned but well I'm willing to compromise because if I didn't ask him he would let me run all over him with what I want. So that being said, we are getting married in a firehouse in DC in the truck bay, im excited and somewhat horrified. I adore how unusal it is, and it completely reflects how important his job is to him. Now my problem is how to decorate it and make into a suitable chupa site. We're heading up that way soon so I can check it out and make some measurements etc.

Really I just want to know if there are any other brides out there with unusal venues, ESPECIALLY if anyone else is having one in a firehouse because I need some ideas. I got scowled at when I said we could put flowers on the engines, lol. I always envisioned something out in the fields with lots of nature and flowers, so this is a bit of a challenge for me!

Our colors are Eggplant, Artichoke, and peacock feathers (so navy accents to match the dress uniforms). Originally I wanted large tree like topiaries that could be lit up at night but then realising that would require concrete bases and some seriously astronomical money on the flowers I'm trying to be more realistic. Haven't set a budget yet, just working as we go since we don't have to pay for the venues (majorly thankful for that!!) and most of what we have decided on so far seems to have been offered for free.

UPDATE: Darn it I deleted my reply post, so Im going to short version it back here. Mum is the caterer, and for the most part I'm the florist. Another firehouse close by has a hall we can use so its still in keeping with the theme and we will be riding the truck there! Permits etc are also covered that way so its really just like any other hall to decorate. Will be changing makeup etc in their dorm room so plenty of space (havent decided on a dress yet still working on what I want (and sitting here munching reece's pieces is NOT helping)). I like the cake topper idea.  Had not thought about taking photos of the bay itself, that will definitely help me I think, I can do a 3d CG version and work off that (I love being an IT major sometime!). I have no trouble delegating who does what and where I just need to work out what Im going to do with the bay. The chupa itself i have ideas on already i just dont want it to look silly (like a big flowery thing in the middle of the truck bay! ). Its going to be held at sunset on a saturday (Jewish tradition). I know mum is good with decorating but not with computers so no emailing pictures etc......which blows. I havent made our website yet, just waiting til things are a little more decided and formally announced (launching website with address in invitations).

Main thing is ideas i guess. Im just so thrown by the location. I just dont want it to end up looking like a chaotic half arsed mess!

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I planned a wedding in a firehouse museum in downtown NYC, so I had to work around all the different fire trucks and you couldn't put anything on them; YOur best bet would be to bring your caterer and florist with you without seeing pictures of the space it's hard to make suggestions that would work for your situation specifically. Take lots of pictures, measuresments of any free space, take a good look at the bathroom situation make sure you and the dress can fit inside, ask if you need a permit to bring liquor
Interesting topic. My daughter married a PA firefighter. They didn't get married at the firehouse; so, I cannot help you there. They did, however, ride from the church (married by the firehouse chaplin in his church) to the reception in a firetruck with sirens blaring and lights flashing. They also rode thru his district. It was pretty amazing. By the way, the ring bearer loved riding in the firetruck. lol She also choose a firefighter cake topper. Keep us posted on your plans.
The caterer is my mother, the florist for the most part is me!! Its not that I hate delegation, I'm just picky and know what I want (AND trying to cut down on costs lol). Once I draw out the plans for everything I can delegate it to others to implement and shop for.

Mum's already good on the cooking, (trust me if I don't let her I will never get any peace), one of the firehouses close by has a hall attached so we're using that, (IE WILL be also riding on firetruck, completely goofy about that fact (not like i haven't before but you know its on my wedding day!). I guess its going to be up in the air until I can get up there and get ideas. I REALLY want to stick with the theme so that cake topper is a good idea! So the hall itself is just a hall to decorate, that I already have a few good ideas on, permits etc covered. I've already designed the table arrangements, boutonnieres and bouquets (all within budget, all completely preservable, and meaningful!). Still making decisions for my bouquet but I've got time yet. I'm changing and using their dorm room as my dressing and makeup room. I threatened to slide down the pole in my dress but they haven't got one :(

The pig of all this is mum lives in london, I live 8 hours south of DC, FI lives 3 hours north of me, and most of the wedding party are from completely opposite sides of the globe. On the plus side it also means I can count on less people showing up because flights are a lot more expensive than just catching ride with friends. So the organisation has been hell. Mum did a fantastic job decorating on the last one so we're going to be heading to the UK in April with the planning folders and everything to hash out the last kinks once everything is decided. I'll definitely be bringing her photos and measurements, (Did not think about the photos, thank you Caren!).
already robbed it! lol. I'm trying to coerce the groom into putting in some ideas, because he's shot down a few of mine already.
I also saw a site that made cookies in the shapes of dalmations, fire hydrants & helmets. Tell him if he doesn't help you out, our gonna ask his shift what they suggest...lol
you genious!!! i never thought of asking the guys he works with!


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