I am just wondering if any of you use Craigslist to promote your wedding business?  If you do, what is the best category to list under?  Is there a way to promote throughout the US?

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I used Craigslist at one point in time, but decided to stop for the very reason you're asking about: there wasn't any way for me to list the same services in multiple listings throughout different places. It seemed very convoluted to me, and I was flagged as a spammer for trying to list multiple times in different places.

There may be a way to overcome that, but I was so exasperated that I stopped advertising there altogether. I replaced it with Twitter - just for exposure.

I do still place some local ads on Craigslist, though.

I hope this helps a little!
What seems to be the best category to list under locally?
I have found a way around this. Takes a little planning, but works. You will need to set up different emails. Then set up the same different CL accounts....get the picture. I have been very successful with posting CL. I currently get 8 to 10 additional wedding per year from it. I never show pricing, never talk about it. I use Cl to get the appointment only. There is no value in desplaying $ if they do not see the value........good luck!

James Trapp

James Trapp Photography
"There is no value in desplaying $ if they do not see the value". That's some good advice! Advice I am going to follow. Hit me up on twitter James @robmoses1
I have used craigslist a few times this past summer, but only received junk replys so I doubt I'll ever use it again. I've learned the best way is to put your business on as many free websites as possible. Also Facebook, if you dont already have it. Good luck!
I've only gotten junk replys also.  Also, could you recommend other free websites to post my business on?
People shop on Craigslist because they are looking for an unbelievable deal. I've definitely sold items on Craigslist; but when it comes to my business that's not the bride I want to attract. I've found they are more likely to choose based on the price; which is fine if that's what they want; but for me as a professional wedding planner who charges the going rate for my community, I will never outbid the hobbyists or university students seeking experience who are offering their services up for almost nothing or free.

I totally agree! 

As a photographer and we have a couple call us with a very low unreasonable budget to work with I tell them the only thing they can do is go to Craigs list but at the same time tell them buyer beware.. sometimes we get exactly what we pay for. 

Agree!!  I had some junk email overload, and a couple that wanted me to basically perform the ceremony for free.  Being a wedding officiant, I am the only vendor REQUIRED to be there, and yet the brides want to cut corners with me!  Craiglist brides want it dirt cheap, and I value my time too much to wade through the junk emails only to have a bride asking me to cut my rates...  

I've used Craigslist in the past for advertising and never received any sales from it... only a bunch "how to make more money" spams. I think it's great for selling your personal items locally, but as far as business advertising, I think it's a waste of time. I would focus more on industry listings that are free.
I appreciate everyone's input on this question. It's nice to get good feedback to avoid wasting time with something that doesn't work. I have used it in the past and received some good contacts, but lately all I seem to be getting is the spam....
I posted an ad for our rental company about a month ago. No luck, just spam.


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