I am just wondering if any of you use Craigslist to promote your wedding business?  If you do, what is the best category to list under?  Is there a way to promote throughout the US?

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I have advertised on Craigslist.  However, in all the years I have been in business, I have only booked 2 weddings through Craigslist.  This does not prevent me from trying an ad every now and then, but when I do post, I try to have no expectations of the outcome.  Laura Cummings/solo pianist www.soundsoflaura.com

That's how we started  back in the year 2000, Craiglist was a pretty good source of traffic at that time, it didn't last very long... very quickly people caught on .

The services offered started to look cheap. It was time to move on...

I have heard a lot of photographers get work off there. You have to be careful if you are a wedding planner because bride's think using craigslist will get them a great deal but in the end it could be a scam or a nightmare. I'm skeptical but at the same time I have posted on there and got no responses. I think people on there are looking for unrealisitic prices.

I listed on craiglist a few months ago and have received two leads. We sell inexpensive wedding dresses, but I found that even though our product is discounted they want are looking for dirt cheap. Then I thought I don't want to relate our products with cheap so I won't be listing again.

Craigslist can work for you locally!, but be ready to receive spam, scam offers from Nigeria and when you get somebody interested they usually want it dirt cheap, occasionally you get paid reasonable but very rarely, the good thing is that's Free, so at least it won't cost you anything except the effort to make the ad.


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As a professional wedding and special event planner, I would not use Craigslist to promote my business, nor would I find vendors from this source.     I understand when you're starting out you don't have an advertising budget, but there are many other forums (that are also free) that are more reputable and focused solely on weddings.

The list is nice i would like to save it.. i think a small scissors is also necessary. the list is very useful too coz it includes all the necessary things.

We've never received a single reply from CL listings but one of the lead sites we work with keeps a nice looking ad running for us all the time. As someone else said it's a great place to buy and sell "things" but not for our businesses. We've even done a test run on photo sessions at giveaway prices and never got a call.

I got two recent inquiries from craigslist. one was an internet scam asking me to tutor a daughter who was coming to the states. i would get a budget and would pay the nanny who was bringing the daughter to the lessons. I knew anything too good to be true is, so for giggles, i called the number and it was not assigned to anyone for months. i played along with the people scamming me for a bit to get enough information to report them, all the way to them sending me a check for almost three thousand dollars. they still tried to claim i was heartless for blasting them and not tutoring their daughter. The other was to photography some intimate vows in a trailer park. they only wanted 20 images. no price was talked about, they emailed me christmas day. i played along, but never went. i thought it a set up to steal my equipment. i  knew the area they were sending me, was a very bad drug neighborhood. I was not about to photography a wedding there. i would probably rather be photographing a crime scene there. 

That's too bad...I used to love Craigslist a few years ago, but now I am scared of it due to all the violence that has stemmed from it....Glad you were careful....Thanks for sharing your story...

There is some good too it, you just have to be cautious with the replies that you get. Scrutinize them carefully and make sure, if you are meeting someone, it is in a public place.


I never really got far with this form of advertisement.  All I received was alot of spam email responses.  Don't recommend this at all.


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