Just curious as to what your Brides choose to do with vendors.  Do they typically feed them and if so, do they serve them the same food as the Wedding Party and Guests?  Where do they eat?  Is there a table in the back corner or are they relegated to another room all together.  I would love to hear your feedback. 

Thank You!


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there was just  a discussion about this same topic in the WW vendor forums! how funny.


As far as myself, I always ask if they are feeding me, with no implied obligation, I tell them I just need to plan ahead. Drinking alcohol  at all during my coverage of the event is a severe NO-NO!


Usually they seat me wherever they can.

I always ask my couples if they have thought of vendor meals or discussed them with their venue. I also tell them it doesn't have to be the same food. Really, who has time to sit down to a steak when working?

I also let them know I will deliver the meals when the vendor is ready for them and find out if there is a vendor table set up, or a designated eating spot.

As for myself, I always bring plenty of bottled water and snacks and fruit to eat.

Alcohol is never to be consumed when on the job.

As a wedding planner, I appreciate knowing that I can get something to eat.  If I am onsite for 10 - 12+ hours, I can't just leave to eat and can't go that long without some food. 


Some of my brides don't usually think about food for vendors, but they are having a buffet so it isn't a huge issue.  I try to make sure that the other vendors get to eat as well or fill a plate and take it to them.  I prefer to eat at a back table or somewhere away from guests. It is usually with some of the other vendors.  We usually eat after all the guests have eaten.  

Entertainment and photographers usually get fed at the wedding.  They eat the same food everybody else eats and the venue sets up a table for them in the back.  My justice of the peace gave me the advice out of all the people that say they will attend your wedding, there is always a percentage that don't.  Usually the venue or caterer is going to have you include the vendors on your guest list, but because of the percentage of guests that wont show up you can just go with the flow, they will be fed.

It's great to hear everyone's take on this subject.  We are all in agreement that we need to eat!  It's just will it be provided or do we bring our own.  I always have food packed for myself and my staff, sandwiches and munchies, since we usually don't get the opportunity to sit down, and even if we did, I don't usually feel comfortable sitting where guests can see the coordinator eating.  It's funny that some brides think about it and some need to be guided in that direction.  Some don't feel it's their obligation to feed the vendors and some wouldn't dream of not feeding the vendors that are working so hard to make their dreams a reality!  I appreciate everyone's feedback, we work in a great industry! 


Here's to you . . .



My brides always feed the vendors the same meal as the guests get. It's a very long day for some of the vendors and they need to keep up their energy. I've only encountered a situation one time where the venue insisted that the venders were to eat less. That same venue also insisted that the vendors ate outside. That experienced proved to me what I already knew that in order for the vendors to do their job properly they must be properly fed AND in the same room. DJ's usually request to eat at their DJ stations; and when there is a band I typically put the vendors table beside the stage so they don't have to move very far and can quickly get to the stage when needed. It's all about providing the tools to help the vendors do their job the best.

I am a photographer; I typically start about about 9:30 am (as early as 7AM for some weddings) and continue through until the couple leave the reception: a 12 to 14 hour day with no breaks - my contract includes a clause that ensures my assistant and I get to eat during the reception, but through the day we tend to subsist on snack bars and fruit juice.

It is standard for the reception house to ask how many photographers and other "contractors" they need to cater for and price our meals differently. Most  then provide a separate table for us and in many cases we receive only part of the meal - the main course without the  the entrée, or sometimes with no dessert. Other places provide a full meal.


Typically it is always appropriate to order vendor meals since they are working long hours however, I agree (as I am one) that they have work to do, so from my personal experience it's best if they can eat quickly in a separate room. Also, vendor meals usually are 50% off depending on the venue. I was a catering manager before starting my own wedding coordinating company and the country club would serve the vendors the same meal but at a huge discount. Hope this helps!
We feed our staff from the food at an event and do not ask the clients' permission to do this; no one on our team eats before all guests are served, so generally we eat toward the end of an event.  Generally we have extra and it's never been a problem.  On rare occasions that we have a client whose event is on the frugal side, we do not make a lot of extra food since their fee doesn't warrant it, and then we feed our staff ourselves (burgers, pizza) as one of the costs of doing business.  We firmly believe in treating our team very well and it has paid off in spades for us.
As a photographer, the couple generally asks if we've gotten something to eat, or tells us to go get something.. We find the opportunity for 5 minutes downtime, and eat a small amount in a hidden corner :)
I think it is perfectly acceptable that they offer their vendors a time out for food. Specifically...the photographer and the dj...they're there for the duration. I just don't think the caterer should at all...charge anywhere near the same price. And personally, I feel... to not offer them the same course is an insult. The only thing they don't need is the alcohol.
As the officiant I would say that I'm invited to stay for the reception about 55% of the time. Honestly If I was asked to stay but eat in a "separate area"  I'd decline.


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