Just wondering what everyone would do in the following situation.

This afternoon I had a vendor appointment with a bride, her mother and a photographer. Two and a half hours before the appointment the MOB called to ask if we could postpone the appointment by 30 minutes. The mother has been very involved in the wedding decision making and the bride has been deferring quite a bit to her. I called the photographer to ask and had to leave a message. As it was getting closer to the scheduled appointment time I still had not heard back from the photographer. I went ahead and told the bride and her mother that it would be okay to meet 30 minutes later than scheduled, but we may have to cut the appointment very short as I still had not heard back from the photographer after calls and texts.

I felt that it may be rude to do this to a vendor, even though I attempted contact multiple times; however, in this situation the mother is just as much of the client as the bride, and she really needed to be there.

Would you all have told the bride to go ahead and come at the scheduled time without her mother and have the mother show up late, or make the decision to adjust the meeting time without having heard back from the vendor?

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If the mother has been involved at every step than no, unless the bride told you it was ok to meet without. Now for the vendor I would have waited to see if the change works for his schedule
Erin, I think you handled this situation as well as you could have given all of the factors. If the bride or MOB ask you to be flexible and push back a meeting then you need to support them. After all, they hired you to help them through the wedding process and if pushing back a meeting is helping them, then that is what you have to do.

Regarding the photographer, anyone who works in the wedding industry understands that these types of things happen and they too should understand. We have all had this happen to us. You tried your best to communicate. I don't think there was anything else you could have done. Just always be honest and don't make any promises you can't keep.

To answer the question directly. No. I would not have told the bride to come and let the MOB come later. Usually MOB's and Brides are a package deal (unless otherwise instructed by the bride).



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