It has been 6 months since BridalTweet's inception. Can you believe it? I'd say that things are going really well! I'm constantly getting emails from vendors to thank me for helping them network. I'd like to collect these testimonials and post them in our community. If you've had a success story because of BridalTweet, please write a few sentences about your experience below. I'll select a few of the testimonials and I'll feature them on our site! Thanks in advance for your help.

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Forever Friends and BridalTweet.

BridalTweet has helped me grow my business by meeting brides and grooms, and through that, doing business with them. BridalTweet has also helped me meet many vendors, and because of these connections, I am now networking with Favors by Dorinda, BravoBrides,, Adorn Brides, All Occasions by
J & B, Green Mountain PhotoShows and Perfect Postage, to name a few. One of my most cherishing things is becoming friends with Christine Dyer, BridalTweet creator.
After signing up to BridalTweet and joining groups that are in my field of interest I received 2 leads after my 2nd day.
I am now networking with others in my area and have started to have relationships with vendors who I can refer my clients to as well.
Thanks Christine,
Tony D'Aula

Give me life, liberty and the pursuit of Bridal Tweet.

Since I became a member of the the B.T. experience my company name recognition has grown. I received far more feed back and inquires from vendors and customers than on any other site I was with. I found the interface user friendly and very helpful. After listing to the radio interview of founder Christine Dyer, I was inspired by her testimony. I agreed with her that most sites create a barrier that make it difficult for brides to interact with vendors directly. Within 2months of being on the site and connecting with other vendors, I received an inquiry. The bride had seen post on a B.T. dress makers page in New York. I am now how happy to report that I will be flying out to Albany, New York in the 2010 to contribute to her special day.

One of the cool things that is truly apparent about this site is that it's founder truly cares. This all seemed to stem from her personal experience from planning her own wedding. She then used her professional expertise to launch and operate Bridal Tweet. She now shares her marketing skill set with artists like myself and others alike.

Thank you Christine Dyer.


Chris Chavira
CC Wedding Photography 310 500-9075


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