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My wife and I run a small wedding videography business based in Eau Claire, WI.  From EventDV magazine, and the WEVA conference and various publications online I've come to learn that one of the hottest / most impressive things that a videographer can do is offer same day wedding edits, where the video of the ceremony is done and burned by the time the reception starts. 


Pulling this off is nothing short of amazing in my opinion, and I'm looking for tips and advice on how to get something like this done.  A bit about our hardware:


Our Primary Camcorders are Panasonic HMC40's, with another Sanyo handeld avchd based camcorder, and 2 hard drive based camcorders 1 sony easy cam and 1 JVC Everio.  Everything we do is recorded to solid state media, recorded in AVCHD, onto 8 and 16GB cards that are Class 4 and Class 6


We primarily use iMovie and Final Cut Express for editing, and at some point we may move to a higher end pro editing tool but it's just not in the budget right now.  From what I've read online, Apple's Intermediate Codec that's used in iMovie and FCE does not play nice at all natively with AVCHD media, nor does the ProRes Codec.  Everything has to be Transcoded to a compatible format which massively increases the file sizes, and it takes a long time to import the cards.


I was always under the understanding that solid state media would be faster than tape, but from what I've read, the only people that are pulling off Same Day Edits are those using HDV media and Final Cut Pro for editing.  Does anyone have any experience with this?  Does anyone have advice on how we could begin to offer same day edits?  I've read online that Premier Pro also does much better with AVCHD formats natively, does anyone have any experience with that editor?


I welcome all the advice and tips.





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I've seen this before, same edit.  Its pretty cool how they can show you the beginning and the ending of a wedding right at the reception.  One of the vendors that I follow on FB does this perfectly by showing the wedding along with a 3-4 minute song. Popular and themed to the wedding or event of course!


Its a quick edit that one of you can do, since at times there are 2-3 hours of dead space between the church and reception.  It shows the dressing up, both parties (bride and groom), make up, emotions, and other candid shots that the bride and groom will make that day, of course the wedding ceremony.  3-4 minutes is actually short, but it becomes the highlight of the day.

For technical stuff, yes they might be using HD cams, with Hard Drive so its a quick capture through IMovie or FinalCut, or Vegas.  The new trend.  If you have a HD DSLR.  5D MKII -  


Some links.




Hope this help.


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