Violist or Harp Musician needed for wedding 11-11-11 NYC

I have a couple who needs either a violist or harpist for their wedding please let me know what you charge




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Hey Caren,

I am not a violist or a harpist, but I work for a site called Gig Salad that has all of the above!  Gig Salad is an event planners resource for any entertainment or vendor needs.  Here are the links for viola players and harpists we have listed in the NYC area.  You can go through those search results and contact the musicians directly by clicking on the Get a Free Quote button on individual PromoKits. Hope this helps!


Jordan Wood ~ Gig Salad

Hi Jordan - Thanks I forgot about gig salad - how much do you charge? wedding will be in NYC 80 guests
You're welcome! We do not charge anything to use the site.  The performers fees vary based on the performer and if there are any traveling costs involved.  Since we do not book the artists directly, I cannot give you exact costs.  I do know that your leads went out to several harpists, violinists, and officiants this morning, so hopefully you'll hear back from them sometime soon!
I was already a member - just wish you had venues on there as well
We are currently in the process of redesigning the site, and we have discussed adding venues as a category.

Hey Caren,


I know it's been a while, but we have finally launched our redesigned site!  It now includes a category for venues as well.  The list isn't very extensive yet because more venues need to sign up, but hopefully it will continue to grow and you can utilize it more in the future.


Jordan Wood ~ Gig Salad

Hi. Just joined this site. If the wedding is early or late enough I could be available as I have a matinee show to do that day.


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