Hello everyone! I'm so happyi to have an opportunity to ask y'all directly about everything I unterested in. I even don't know where should I start. If talk simply, I want to know the detailed plan how your Wedding Day goes - including, for example, such thing as "what do you do after the ceremony (meant entertainment)?", or "do you you have someone hired to entertain you & guests?", "how do you present presenting  giving wedding favors, what do you tell?", "how do you end the party - "justmarried" just leaving, or they tell everybody "goodbye and bla-bla-bla"?, or - "if "justmarried" stay for the night with guests in some place, they've rented - like a small inn, what do they do in the morning????"

Oh, so many questions, I've hardly stopped, sorry! And that's not all...))

Waiting for your answers and ready to ask more....


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I can begin by answering a few questions for you.


1. As for entertainment, I believe you are asking about reception entertainment.  In the USA, a DJ is pretty standard as well as a live band.  If your budget is very limited and you have an Ipod, some brides choose to make a playlist of their favorite songs and plug in their Ipod and dance the night away.


2. As for wedding favors, they are not necessary but a very nice touch.  You can have them at each place setting or have them displayed on a table as the guests exit the reception.  A nice thank you note from you and your husband is a nice gesture for your guests as well.  As for what type of favor, it can tie into your theme, or maybe a handmade (DIY) favor or what is popular here in the USA is a Candy Buffet with various candies set out in beautiful glass jars and the guest can take home an assortment of goodies.  Here is an example:



3.  You can end the party by dancing until the last the guest is gone or making a grand getaway in a cute little car like Will and Kate.  Again here in the USA there are as many different ideas as there are brides, but one spectacular one is a sparkler send off.  Your guests line both sides of the pathway, light the sparklers and hold them high as you and your new husband run past. 




4.  It is typically customary if you have a destination wedding where a majority of the guests travel that you host a brunch the following morning, although this is not expected, it is a nice touch where you can spend more quality time visiting with your guests and enjoying stories of the night before.  You and your husband do not have to attend if you have already headed out to your honeymoon.  It can be hosted by the parents.


I hope this helped you - good luck in your planning!


Here's To You . . .



Oh, thank you so much, Kelli. It's so exsiting to have a reply from you! If you don't mind, I have more questions to ask....

1. about entertaining again - must be native misunderstanding /haha/ - or may be problem with my english - when we (russians) say "entertainment on the wedding day" it usually means a person (-s) who amuses guests (not by playing music only), it's work includes some funny games and contests for the guests and young couple, involving in the wedding fun everyone, for noone to be outside the process, saying some toasts, in general, the scenary of The Celebration. Do you have such things?

2. what about some kind of barbeсue on the second day (in Russia we usually have 2 days celebration)? Or - if we're going to minimize our w-budget - but we still sleep in the same place where guests are - will it be correct and polite to just leave the next day, without saying anything?

3. flower girl and ring boy (if I'm correct) - what do they symolize?

4. what is kissing flower ?(if I'm correct) - looks like ball of flowers hanging on the rope.

5. in what time does the bride usually throws her bouquet? and what about groom's throwing garter?

6. at what time do H+W cut the cake? 

7. same question about first dance of h+w ane bride and her father.


...I stop for now...

Thank you for your attention.





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