I know. You're probably tired of hearing about blogs, but I love weddings and I just want to give brides free advice. I'm still beginning and would like to gain readership. I've participated in forums, but I'd really like to get more bridal traffic. Any advice on how to do so? I'm already on twitter and blogspot. What to do?!

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You've basically touched on the single biggest issue facing not only wedding vendors, but ALL business in 2010. Your question relates to a social media strategy. Here a couple of tips. Keep in mind there are MANY more things you can do, but this can hopefully get you thinking.
1-Work your a$$ off!! Spend hours every single day as much as you can generating solid content. Don't wait for the brides before posting loads of content. When the traffic eventually starts flowing, they'll dig through the content. But imagine you have 100,000 brides-to-be reading your blog. How often would you post? Do that now! Web crawlers work better on sites with constantly changing content, and will find your site more often if you put new content all the time. Also, make sure it is quality content. If you focus on this first and foremost, rest assured you will eventually get the followers.
2-Continue to participate in those forums and make sure that EVERY forum post has a signature linking to your blog.
3-Retweet every single tweet you deem as worthy content on your blog. You will start to "piggy back" on to other people's content that mirrors the message you're generating with yours. As people search for this content, they are likely to find your retweet and make it back to your twitter page or blog.
4-Learn to use tools like Ping.FM, Tweetdeck, TubeMogul (if you use video at all) and things like this that allow you to update content in multiple locations in one post. For example, I post to ping.fm and it then sends that update to my Tumblr blog, twitter page, facebook fan page & myspace page. It can update many more if I start using them.
5-Consider incorporating video for a number of reasons. First off, it can be more engaging and entertaining if you have the presence. Plus, google LOVES video, so it can be easier to find. And, you can start to develop your own personal brand by delivering the content yourself. Here is my shameless plug... check out my link at the bottom of this post. I am doing something similar to what you're asking about, and I use video as the primary delivery method, then support it with blog posts, tweets and facebook updates. I would LOVE to share ideas and info with you, and maybe we can help each other build traffic!

As I said, there are MANY more things you can do, but think bigger than simply the wedding industry. Social media is quickly becoming the one thing with the most sense of urgency for any business, and rightfully so. It represents an opportunity for ANY business brand or person to reach anyone anywhere anytime. Let me know if I can be of any more help!

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I'm a wedding blogger as well, and I fully believe that the key to having a high traffic blog is consistent, fresh, quality content. If you are consistently updating your blog and providing an experience that the reader/bride finds valuable the traffic will come.

I visited your blog and saw that you just started posting on Monday. My advice would be post a couple more times before sending a ton of traffic to your blog. Because what good is getting 1,000's of page views if there's no advice for the bride to read?

I post every day to ensure that whether the visitor is a brand new bride or returning bride there is always fresh content for them to read. When the bride is able to go back and read through your archives it builds a level of trust and lets the reader know that you're committed to your blog and that you post on a regular basis.

Once you've got content down work on spreading the news and gaining readers. As Derek said hit up all the social media sites (facebook, twitter, myspace, etc) once you do readers will start to find their way to your blog. Those readers will in turn refer their friends/contacts to your blog (via the same social media sites) and before you know it you have a high traffic blog.

Lastly, as I've learned drastically increasing traffic doesn't just happen over night, it takes a little bit of time. So stick with it and you'll see results.
I agree with the previous posters. You definitely need a good amount of quality content before you will gain any sort of following. No one will come back to a boring blog. Also it is important not to repeat content that is found on many other blogs. It is fine to link to a blog post if you really like one in particular, but people read blogs for original content. If you have solid info for people they will come back.

I've also started a wedding blog (who hasn't right?) OK, I'm no expert, and the going is still slow--really slow-- but I love what I am doing. Anywhoo, my advice may or may not be solid, but here's how I'm approaching it.

1. I set a schedule. I blog 3X per week. I also spend about 15-20 hours a week creating content that I can release if I get too busy to blog.
2. I am focusing on my local area specifically. I have a specific audience in mind when I blog.
3. I am tapping into local vendors for help. I am currently working on getting photos, interviews, and pingbacks to my blog from them. I generally email them directly, but I also make a point to follow and post comments on their blogs.
4. I have 2 real brides that are going through the planning process. They tell me what info they are looking for and I research and post about it. Since I am not longer actively planning and I am not a vendor, I sometimes have a hard time remembering that brides need more than pretty pictures :)
5. I comment on other wedding blogs and am hoping to form relationships with other bloggers in my region
6. I email other wedding bloggers directly for advice, especially about copyright stuff and asking permission to use content.

While the results are not yet spectacular, behind the scenes I am making lots of contacts and have lots of plans for content. I should have interviews with vendors going by early summer. I am also connecting with local photogs for images to go in inspiration boards. I have connected with a wedding planner who will let me tag along during a real wedding, and will also send Real Wedding material my way. This should all be in full swing by this summer.

As an aside, I don't generally do this, but I will share my blog address here. I would greatly appreciate any feedback about how to make my blog better, especially for western North Carolina couples.


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