I notice alot of vendors have blogs online.  I have been looking at doing one myself, but have no clue where to even start.  any suggestions?


Also, how does it help your business?  Do you find you have more people visiting your website because of your blogs, or what is the benefit that you see?  


I would love any input on where and how to start a blog?  And how about inspiration boards... what is your input on those as well please?





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Hi Mandy,
Here are 2 articles that I've written for the BridalTweet vendor community that should help you. Enjoy!
Seven Things Wedding Vendors Can Email, Blog, or Tweet About
Getting People to See, Read and Follow Your Wedding Blog

- Christine Dyer
Christine's vendor blogs are great, because they are geared towards our industry. If you would like some techie advice and research, mashable.com is also a great resource for new bloggers. Good luck!
I just started my blog thru blogger it's very easy to set up and once you get the basics done, start typing away. You can google articles on blogging to get an insight on blogging techniques, but you can learn that along the way, the important thing is to start writing and get a lot of content on your page. Then start getting you blog out there once you feel it is ready for the world.

Check my new blog out:
The Bridal Babe
I use blogger as well - extremely user friendly
thank you for the resources ladies.... I will check them out and come back if I end up with more questions :)

I think blogs only make sense if you have a lot to say. If you're just filling space, it won't get you more attention and could look bad. Are you ready to start posting regularly?

I used blogspot to start my blog.  It's not the most exciting blog in the word, but I make sure I post something every month:

It's a place for me to post an occasional article, but mostly about new designs and some fun projects.  

For example, I just posted about flags.  A customer got me started on flags for her table numbers, so I'm having a bit of fun making them, but it's not something I've worked on before, so flags aren't even on the main website.  So the blog is a good place for me to post about random things that may or may not become official products.  

People will find to all sorts of random old blog posts with google searches, and a good number of people who fund the blog will come over to the rest of the website to contact me.

I just started a blog about what wedding favors say! Check it out! Feedback is always welcome.


I recently began mine, basically started looking for alternative traditions to use on beach weddings.


Yeah..blogging is a great fun.I have started my own recently on blogger.com.You can get a wider access to your audience or targeted customers by writing such blogs, if wanna use for commercial purpose.Else, it;s always a best place to share and to know something new.There are many blogging sites like tumblr,blogger,etc.Just Google them and a few easy steps to follow to set up your own.

Blogs are great tools, but you have to keep on top of posting.

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