I notice alot of vendors have blogs online.  I have been looking at doing one myself, but have no clue where to even start.  any suggestions?


Also, how does it help your business?  Do you find you have more people visiting your website because of your blogs, or what is the benefit that you see?  


I would love any input on where and how to start a blog?  And how about inspiration boards... what is your input on those as well please?





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Keep in mind one thing: quality vs quantity. You want your blog to have quality info so people enjoy reading it..good luck!

Having a blog is REALLY good for your SEO (search engine optimization).  I know this because my BF runs an e-commerce business and hires the best of the best for his SEO and that's what they told him! Continually posting makes you current and gives you credibility in the eyes of search engines.  My blog is What the Bride Wore for anyone interested in checking it out. :)


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