I have been reading some articles about the hot wedding colors for 2011.  Some that seemed new and fresh that I liked were

-Raspberry, Eggplant, and Chocolate

-Garnet and Tangerine

-Gold and Pink


What are your colors going to be?

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@kpdesigns07 We love Etsy! I love when couples incorporate handmade items into their weddings.

I love all the fun things you can find on Etsy, too!  Check out my Bridal Party Cards on Etsy:



All of us have the challenge of being on top of trends so that we are prepared to help our brides.  It's easy when we love the color combinations, much harder when we don't! 


One of my favorite things to do as an artist is to do a color combination I "hate" and by the end of the process, produce a product I love.  Nothing is quite so satisfying to me as this.  I HATE ORANGE but I loved the way this set came out, LOL!  http://bit.ly/hORILV


How about you?!  What colors have you hated to work with?

@Audrey  I did a set of cards once with a mustard yellow and gray combination.  I am not a big fan of yellow, but I went with it.  They turned out very pretty, but not anything I would have thought of for wedding colors!
I like these color combinations...always looking for what is the current trend.
@Margaret  Keeping up with trends is hard!  At least there are some things that will aways stay classic for weddings!
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Hay to see some of the latest wedding colours check out our Wedding Photographers Cardiff web site. There are loads of lush images and ideas so take a peek
I recently shot a wedding with pink and gold and it was gorgeous! One color combo I would love to see is light blue and red- they look stunning together!
2011 is proving to have a whole host of great new color combos...!  I love your selections, by the way!  Feel free to drop by my blog here on BT (http://www.bridaltweet.com/profiles/blogs/calling-all-brides-and-we...) to add any other faves you might have!  Cheers!
@Envy - Thanks!  I checked out your blog and you have nice color combos there too!

It varies - alot of red so far this year (pairing with ivory) and (black, white and red).

Classic colors such as black, white and taupe.

And the Chocolate with lime green has popped up in a few too.


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