I have been reading some articles about the hot wedding colors for 2011.  Some that seemed new and fresh that I liked were

-Raspberry, Eggplant, and Chocolate

-Garnet and Tangerine

-Gold and Pink


What are your colors going to be?

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@Jacklinart That is a beautiful use of orange!
I did a post regarding this topic about a month ago, check it out. www.creatingkustomevents.com/blog.html
Eggplant, raisin, teal & crimson ink are popular this year. Ginger and mocha ink work well for fall weddings and classic gold is always a favorite. Keep in mind classic gold (think wedding band) is very different than brilliant gold (think the sun) as it's very vibrant and ususally recommended only when the wedding color is yellow. www.weddingpalace.com 925-609-8722
@Brandywine - I love Honeysuckle pink.  So pretty and flirty!
@Corina - I didn't know there were different names for gold, thanks for letting us know with such a great description!
Thanks for sharing your blog post CK!  Great photo collections.
Earlier this week, members of the Invitations4Less.com team visited the National Stationery Show and attended a seminar all about wedding trends.  Check out our report: http://bit.ly/mnNgUk
Great article Jeanne!  How fun to have zebra print on an invitation! :)
These seem more like delicious catering options... just kidding, I love the Raspberry, Eggplant, and Chocolate option. I am a big fan of weddings with more than two colors.
I agree - Always like that punch of color for the third color as an accent!
yeah! It's the nice color and it can be used for wedding theme.I agree the great color  of 2011.My suggestion is to use less color for theme because it may not looks good.If you want more suggestion,can get it from wedding app and get from it.


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