I have been reading some articles about the hot wedding colors for 2011.  Some that seemed new and fresh that I liked were

-Raspberry, Eggplant, and Chocolate

-Garnet and Tangerine

-Gold and Pink


What are your colors going to be?

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i think  the white one is always the trend ~
I like to use the Red,Blue,Yellow and orange because it's great colors and very good to use in wedding colors.If somebody needs helps in wedding planning,they can use the wedding app and get help.
I am seeing a lot of my brides doing eggplant, cream, gold and black.
I like pink and golden ones.
Raspberry, Eggplant, and Chocolate sounds interesting. like to try

It seems like I change mine every time I can... I'm driving my vendors crazy! But right now I'm settled on black and white.

Pantone's top colors for 2014 are absolutely gorgeous!! www.pantone.com
"Cayenne" is my favorite!!

Looks like raspberry weddings are going to be common. I've already been invited to two this year!

I like Raspberry, however the colors are completely up to you but you will need to take into account where you're getting married, and the formality or informality of your ceremony and reception.

Wedding Planners Bay Area

What about raspberry like the fruit but paired with cream and white colors?

I love purple and blue. There two colors are really romantic!!! The wedding venue should be so dreamlike in these two colors. About the wedding dress, I would choose a pure white wedding dress. Several wedding dresses on VogueQueen are really stunning, you may have a look at http://www.voguequeen.com/wedding-dresses-i5878/


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