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Hello All!  I'm restocking my wedding day emergency kit (i.e. Band Aids, Safety Pins, Bobby Pins, Shout Wipes, etc.) and I'm sure there are some items that I'm forgetting or have never even thought of packing.  What do you all keep on hand in case of wedding day SNAFU?

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Nail polish, nail files, AA batteries, a one time use camera and Tylenol.
I have a whole page on what I bring. Feel free to check it out. (by the way, I know the link at the bottom doesn't work, and I'm working on fixing it)

Pain killers
Non drowsy allergy pills
Tampons or Liners
Dental Floss
Sewing kit
Body glue
Make up
Clear nail polish
Nail glue
Bobby pins, clips & hair elastics
Compact or powder
Contact solution
Eye drops
Gums, mint or breathe freshner
Extra pantyhose
Stain remover
Baby wipes
Black permanent marker for scuffed shoes
Crackers, granola bar
Baby powder
Masking tape, hem tape
White chalk
Extra corsage pins
Extra earring backings
Extra cufflinks
Nail flie, clippers, scissors
Hand towelettes & sanitzer
Safety pins
I would add duct tape - you'd be surprised!
I need to save this list :-)
Wow....this is a very complete list!!! Curious......What is the white chalk for?

Thanks, Diane
It can be used to hide minor stains on white garments. I also carry "White-Out" (correction fluid) for the same purpose, if the area to be covered is smaller than a dime. I discovered this trick right before my own wedding when, to my horror, I noticed that a shaving nick had started bleeding again and left a small stain on my white shirt collar. Lack of time led to seeking a quick fix, which turned out to be the White-Out. It worked perfectly; no one even noticed the spot unless I pointed it out.

Wow, that is awesome!

Must be a big bag.

Don't forget an extra set of inexpensive wedding bands (just in case) and something that most don't carry in their emergency kit but I do is collar stays.  Check out this website


Here's To You . . .



I think you have a great list below, but you may also may want to include a portable steamer and a hair dryer.
mini scissors for sure! you'd be amazed at how many times we can't find them to cut the strings and tags off of the wedding dress! and floral tape.


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