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Hello All!  I'm restocking my wedding day emergency kit (i.e. Band Aids, Safety Pins, Bobby Pins, Shout Wipes, etc.) and I'm sure there are some items that I'm forgetting or have never even thought of packing.  What do you all keep on hand in case of wedding day SNAFU?

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Hi Erin - we wrote a helpful list of the 10 must have items, plus 10 other items you may not have thought of - from red wine remover to heel savers! Check it out here:
Good luck!
Static guard is a must!! And a JAR OF PICKLES!! It is always good to have the entire bridal party eat a pickle before the ceremony because it helps the blood circulate better to prevent anyone from fainting!
what a crazy but awesome idea! Snacks would definitely be helpful.
lol...I'll have to remember that. I love pickles and people who know me would get a kick out of that!
I would also add a Bible, straws, tide-to go sticks, anti-allergy pills, condoms and tea bags. You would be amazed at how many times I've had to use these items in my kit.

In terms of how often to change my stuff; at least every 6 months unless it has an expiry date listed on the original container.

**When dispensing the medication items, I don't personally hand it to anyone! I place it on the table and let them take it from there; saves from there being misdiagnosis and other legal issues that can happen if folks have a reaction.**
Needle, thread. Shoe polish white & black. Ant & mosquito spray. Nail file. Tweezers. Nail clippers. Sunscreen & aloe. Tylenol. Tums, rolaids, etc.
Hello! In addition to the items you mentioned, I include smelling salts, visine, contact wetting solution, OTC Zyrtec, gold and silver adjustable wedding rings, double-sided tape, hankerchiefs, tylenol/aspirin, anti-itch spray/hydrocortisone cream, anti-perspirant, mouthwash, tampons/pads.

I hope this was helpful.
I would add Tide to Go!
... you can also throw some white chalk in there.. works wonders to cover any unsightly smudges on the dress... and Q-tips..!
This is great! I need to save the list as well!
I blogged ( about just this topic, after surveying my fellow wedding professionals. They really do include everything and the kitchen sink! My latest addition - coloring books, crayons, cars and dolls.
Not sure if I saw this, but a bag of disposable gloves. A lot of time in emergencies you are dealing with blood. I recently had a grandmother who had a port removed out of her arm and I had to pull out my first aid kit from my "Emergency Kit" - cotton balls, large guaze bandages, latex gloves, wet wipes and hairspray were items that I had to use to stop the bleeding and get the blood out of her dress coverup. Needless to say the Mother of the Bride was pretty impressed. :)

Like the chalk idea.....never knew that!


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