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Hello All!  I'm restocking my wedding day emergency kit (i.e. Band Aids, Safety Pins, Bobby Pins, Shout Wipes, etc.) and I'm sure there are some items that I'm forgetting or have never even thought of packing.  What do you all keep on hand in case of wedding day SNAFU?

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Thank you so much for your responses. There are definitely items on all of the lists that I did not have on my own.
Matches, sewing kit!
I am a photographer but also see my job as helping make sure the day goes as smoothly as possible. I will start packing some of these other items and may add bach rescue remedy to the list!
Rescue Remedy - what a great idea.... I love mine!!
Yes, I have to agree Rescue Remedy is brilliant. There is also Australian Bach Flower Remedies which make something similar.
What is rescue remedy?
@Johanne - I'm a photographer, too and I share your vision with respect to making the day go as smoothly as possible. Way, way back, when I was first getting into wedding photography, a photographer whom I was second-shooting for had an "emergency kit". I was very impressed (as were the clients and guests I saw him help with his kit) and adopted the practice of carrying my own emergency kit when I went solo.

The list Caren posted, above, is very comprehensive and would be an excellent starting point. As time goes on, you'll find new things to add. One such item, for me, was sandpaper. This is very handy for "roughing up" slippery soles on new shoes! (An emery board, of which I carry a few, anyway, for their intended purpose, works in a pinch.)
Shapewear in an average size, just in case someone in the wedding party indulged a bit too much before the wedding day.
The items everybody submitted so far are great. I would add TUMS, Pepto Bismol tablets or Alka Seltzer (if you are not allergic to aspirin). This are very important items for an emergency kit, they're always in mine...Never leave home without it!
I see everyone is on time of their Wedding Day Emergency Kits. Here is a question how far in advance should you buy all of this stuff and how often should you change it?
Always make sure you write the expirations dates on a piece of paper inside your kit. Check each month to restock items that are ready to expire.
I keep an excel spreadsheet that tells me the expiration date and if I need something. I update the list once a month - you never know who is going to hire you last minute and don't want to be unprepared or rushing around to buy things. `


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