What do you think is the average budget for a brides wedding gown? When the bride is interested/in LOVE in something that is over budget, what do you do to help them make the decision? Or if you are the bride, what are your top concerns and how can your bridal consultant help you?

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Not sure if you would be interested but there is a beautiful designer gown for sale on ebay at a budget price $299.00

Ebay - search fro Sposa by St. Pucchi or use the following link.

Its all good and well spending 10% of you budget on a dress but that only lasts for a day.  I would rather spend the money on photographs which last a lifetime. Check out  
Wedding Photographers Cardiff
In my Salon, I am finding the average budget for a gown is $1500.00 tops not including the accessories. I really don't think anyone is spending over that amount right now.
A beautiful white dress with a black sash or the wedding dress with the black lace detailing would be very beautiful and it would be a good compromise for you.It's awesome to see and thanks for sharing.If you want more information of bridal gowns,can use the wedding dresses and get gain.


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