Wants to know: Are there Brides who purchase their wedding dress online?

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Buying wedding dresses online is a a risk as you can get into the details only after buying but there is advantage of getting it at a less price so always try to shop from those sites which have exchange offer and cash on delivery system so that you can return it if its damaged. See at http://casual-plus.com to know more..

That's a good point about the risks. Refunds are always important!

Also you can find shops online (like on www.gatheringguide.com/ec/bridal_shops_dresses.html) and then buy the gowns themselves in person. Best of both!

I agree with that. My online shopping experiences are not good enough.What is displayed on the site is far more different than what is delivered to us in respect of size, quality,etc.I usually avoid buying dresses online.However, if there is a refund policy or a good discount on the item, then i may think for a while.

Yes, absolutely!

We are a wedding gown rental company and we actually allow brides to order the gowns and try them on in the comfort of their own homes with no commitment! This takes away the "risky" feel of purchasing a gown online. If you're not happy with it, not a problem! You can simply return it with no charge. If you fall in love with it, which you probably will because we offer stunning gowns, you can rent it, flaunt it and THEN return it! Having to skip the burden of storing your wedding dress for the rest of your life and seeing it go to waste. 

Check us out at Getthegown.com and also on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!


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