I am just wondering that what would be better idea to present a gift to my fiance before wedding. What will be much better to present her.

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i was also thinking over the idea to buy a gift before wedding , and decided to buy a good watch He loves stylish accessoires, so hope he will like this :) 

I am not talking about the girl not for boy.

would it be better to give her a cards with beautiful message as a gift. so that she can know about me well. I have choose some marvelous designs of Scroll wedding cards. Is it better?

Lovely idea! I also create beautiful collages based on quotes  - a personalized love quote presented beautifully is a creative way to demonstrate you will always love her. 

Handmade gifts are always heartfelt.

Do you mean for a girl or boy?

Oh, sorry I'm asking about girl not for boy.

Jewelry is always good!

A diamond ring would be great as all girls love diamonds. Otherwise whatever you think she will like you can gift her. You know better her likes and dislikes.

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Not all girls love diamonds!! Look at http://weddings.gatheringguide.com/ac/green-wedding-ideas-trends/fi... and http://weddings.gatheringguide.com/ac/green-wedding-ideas-trends/ar... 

Diamonds are pretty much the worst. Make sure you won't make your fiance feel bad by buying one!

Thanks Nina as wedding rings idea had better to give her as a gift.

You're welcome!


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