What is your professional opinion on this topic, do you think it's OK for brides to send their wedding invitations via email? We'd like to know.

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I do not think wedding invites should be sent via email..this is tacky. I know things are charging how formal invitations are being sent out, but Wedding Invitations should be mailed out with a RSVP card with return postage within 6 weeks of the date of the wedding.
Thought this article on my blog might be of assistance. The post is titled: "Will online replace printed wedding invitations?"
I think it depends on the couple, their guests and the wedding. If you're having a very traditional, formal wedding - email invitations just don't fit the bill. But if you're having a eco-friendly, intimated backyard style wedding - your guests will probably appreciate the environmental benefits of an email invitation.

I think it's a trend that's going to continue to grow - as do most trends that buck traditional etiquette. IF you're going to do it, be considerate of older guests who may not understand an email invite. You may want to compromise and send paper invites to older and more traditional guests.

I do know some brides who do both - they use a paper invitation, followed by a email invitation and RSVP reminder. This is nice because it makes collecting and organizing RSVPs a little easier:)
It's not an bad idea.The e-mail invitation is an old fashion of idea.You can try the RSVP for sending the invitations,here you can plan according to the members arriving .Set your budget,according to that.The RSVP is an now following by most of couples.If anyone needs helps,can use the wedding app and get gain from it.


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