I want your opinion - I don't care if you are single, married, engaged, the groom, a vendor - doesn't matter!

I am redoing some of my wedding packages because I have come up with some really great ideas! My question to you is: What would YOU want to see in a package? What is something that you have said "You know, I really wish they had..." or "I really wish they offered..." or even just something that you have always thought would be really cool!

I want to make sure that I have a package that fits everyone's needs, so in order to do that - I am asking everyone their opinions! :)

Thank you and have a great day!

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When I was planning my wedding I always wished there was a way I could visit with vendors after hours. Since I worked full time it was hard for me to go see vendors during the week because not a lot of vendors wanted to meet late in the evening and it's hard to get a vendor meeting on a weekend since they're usually working weddings. So, I thought it would be great if I could hire a wedding planner to bring the vendor to me so to speak.

For example, it would be great if a wedding planner could meet me at work on my lunch hour or stop by my office right when i got out with samples of a photographer's albums and was knowledgeable enough about their pricing and packages to discuss my options with me. This would make it a lot easier and more efficient to do the initial screening of vendors without wasting all that time traveling (NJ traffic during rush hour is sooo bad) and meeting with vendors that you immediately rule out after seeing their first sample.
Soulful that is very interesting that you should say that. As a wedding planner I do go out of my way to meet with clients during their lunch hours. If they can't accommodate a vendors timing I will collect samples to bring them and arrange for Skype Video or telephone conference calls with the vendors. Anyway to accommodate my client. I consider this part of my job and have never even considered listing it one of my services.

What about a personal bridal assistant or concierge services? They are their to assist the bride during dress shopping, decor, and any other lifestyle services,.

I'd want some kind of guarantee that if I change my mind at the last minute it won't cost me an arm and a leg. I know that's not always realistic but the closest you can get to giving me that flexibility, I would pay more ahead of time for it.

I'm curious, what packages do you offer?


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