Hi All,


 Just a General Question...


How important is "Professional Photography" to you for Your Wedding day?


Many couples seem to not care anymore about their Photography & Video Needs,and are trying

to Spend under $1,000 for this Service. 

While most are Spending $1,000 to $2,000 for Limo Rides & up to $5,000 for Bands, 


When did the "Most Important Part of Your Day"...Your Photos & Video

Your Memories!


Get pushed to the Back of the Line...



                Your Thoughts Please!

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I was planning on saving on limo's as I'm sleeping at  my venue the evening prior and having my wedding party travel on their own until this moment.  While writing this  I realized that it is probably a bit selfish and I think I'm going to look into providing transportation for them. However capturing the moment is extremely important to me!  I was unable to find pricing that you are quoting; although believe me I wish that I could have!  I was able to negotiate down my photogher to $9,000, my videopher/filmaker to $8,000 and my band to $12,500.  



Hi Charity,

  Thanks for your response.....WOW!

Where do you live that they are able to charge that much?

My Top.."Best of the Best" Photography Package is $2,595.00

My "Top" Video Video package is $1,295.00

And for One of the Best Bands in the Philly Area is Less than $5,000.00

And they still want something around $1,000.00..because they have overspent for all the other things, so now its how do we find a way to cut costs.

Check out my web site and show it to your Vendors for their response!


and Good luck with your upcoming Wedding.

nyc.  where r u located?

Penndel, Pa.     Just North of Philly



The economy is horrible right now and I think that it's not that people do not care about those special moments being captured. They are trying to be frugal and give others an experience as well. Spending 10k on photography is not necessary when you can find some people who are great at photography but do it on the side. There are many websites/forums where photographers can post their work just like on modelmayhem.com. As long as they are not trying to capture your wedding with a cheap point and shoot, and they know how to accurately work an editing program then all should be fine.

Thanks, but that did not answer my Question.

We all know that the Economy is bad, but again what will you have left after the Wedding is Over?

But the Photos & Video....So what go and risk it on somebody with little experence!

Would you want a 16 year old driving your Limo Who just got his License?

Or a Garage Band, becouse they play a few good tunes?

I am not saying that you have to pay $5 to 10 Grand for a Photographer, I would not either,

but an Educated Consumer is Our Best Customer.

I am stating that you do not have to pay much for great quality work. I have found twenty year veterans of photography, not always having the best idea's or updated technology. There are people that take interest in hobbies and learn to perfect it. They want a great experience that everyone can leave with knowing they will really remember it. To each their own.

We have been doing this for over 30 years..And any "Pro-Photographer" would always be up to date with the latest Technology & Trends.

Couples just need to do their Homework & Shop Smart!

I disagree as I have modeled for twenty-two years and have been through it personally. Even though you have been doing it for thirty years, your website is slow and lacks professionalism, and same with your attitude. I would not look down your nose if I were you.
Neither should you lady!
I think photos are the most important part, honestly. I would rather skimp on smaller details like flowers or cake than to skimp on the photographer, which is going to be all you have left of the wedding when you're old, or to show your kids. No one will remember if the chair covers were the right shade of purple, but if your wedding photos are blurry or badly lit, it will make you sad. At least that's how I think. Now that being said, it seems like $1000 is an awful lot. I've seen photographers (good, pro ones with good portfolios on http://www.gatheringguide.com/ec/photographers.html ) who charge half that. My whole wedding budget is smaller than what you say some spend on bands. The trick is finding a good photographer whose work you like, and who won't cheat you out of that much money! You can also just hire someone to come for part of the day.
The photographer that we chose does amazing work like no other photographer that we have scene.  They also develop the work in house.  They have infred capabilities as well as all sorts of funky style shots which I love.  The videographers style is quite unique as well as he switches from 8mm back to regular style and creates a movie so there is nothing boring.  I was an educated consumer - there are backup folks in case of anything, they are long standing companies, etc. etc. You do get what you pay for.  However in NYC the costs of things are outrageous and so you have to be an extra careful consumer.   I find this site to be very helpful as far as getting other brides viewpoints.  Thanks ladies. :)


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