Hi All,


 Just a General Question...


How important is "Professional Photography" to you for Your Wedding day?


Many couples seem to not care anymore about their Photography & Video Needs,and are trying

to Spend under $1,000 for this Service. 

While most are Spending $1,000 to $2,000 for Limo Rides & up to $5,000 for Bands, 


When did the "Most Important Part of Your Day"...Your Photos & Video

Your Memories!


Get pushed to the Back of the Line...



                Your Thoughts Please!

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I think the wedding photography is an important thing in wedding.Those moment are precious one to remember in coming days.It is an happy moment in our life.Pick the wright and experienced photographer.If you want more resources of wedding,can use the wedding planner iPad app and get gain from it.
Photography is one of the most important aspects of a wedding.  It is simply one of the things that will remain of that day for years to come.  Food will be gone, flowers will die, the dress you can keep but not wear again, but the images, that you can look at them time and time and re live those special moments of your day.  This is something you can not DIY or ask "uncle Bob" to cover your event, photographers should be among that first things you research and book , you will need to find a photographer that best fits your style and that most of all fits your personality.  We hear a lot of terrible stories of couples who regret hiring the "less expensive" photographer.  YOU have to realize that if you want timeless , amazing wedding photography  you will need to invest on "high end" photographer.   Photography is an art form and it should be appreciated.


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