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Hello my name is Shola and I own Designer Wedding Planner which is based in London England I have been a wedding Consultant for over 4 years now and absolutely love the jobs. at we provide a bespoke service which sometimes involves us getting deep into the ideals and minds of the bride and groom.Our moto is 'weddings planned with you in mind' and also 'Weddings planned to a standard AND to a price' I provide all wedding planning services for the discerning bride who wants it all, but at the same time would also like to relax and enjoy her great day.

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That's interesting. Is London a good city to get married in? I'm sure that it's very big and hectic - perhaps somewhere in the green belt just outside of the big city?

ok,, thank you for sharing

o yeahh,,, outside London.. do you have refferal?

london,, nice idea, my sister have a plan to make it in london


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