What is the best insurance to purchase and is general liabilty enough?

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I use Wedsafe for my couples, especially when I'm planning a destination wedding. Cancellation and Liabilty are more than enough to protect the couple

I have also used WedSafe or Wedding Protector Plan (https://www.protectmywedding.com/). Since I am a former travel consultant, I strongly recommend travel insurance and wedding insurance to brides and grooms.

There are may types of insurance, so finding the correct product to fit your needs is critical.

Wedding Planners are professionals in business, so there are products that provide Liability coverage (Professional Liability, Errors and Omissions, General Liability, etc.) for your role as a professinoal Wedding Planner.

There are also two types of Wedding Insurance that offers protection for a specific wedding/event.

Wedding Cancellation/Postponement Insurance offers financial reimbursement to the host for unexpected events that force cancellation or postponement. It also provides financial protection against lost deposits from no-show or bankrupt vendors.

Wedding Liability Insurance provides protection against claims arising our of the wedding or event, where there is an injury or property is damanged and they put responsibility on the host or the venue. Many venues require that the host purchase coverage and add the venue as an additional insured.

At www.WedSafe.com both Wedding Cancellation Insurance and Wedding Liability products are offered.
Should you go through a insurance company like state farms for general libility ,which is about seven hundred dollars a year for all events . WedSafe cover the bride if cancelations and no shows and you have to pay every event. Dont you have to carry insurance just for you?
I was thinking if you have a Limited Liability Company, You want to have insurance on you and your company. This will separate anyone holding you personal responsible with claims against you!! so no one can take your personals house,car, $$ ect.. Is that what you meant?
Yes that is what I meant. do you know what insurance company is good?
Hi Krystal,

I was thinking you could check with Association for Wedding Planners International, and see if they have a list of Insurance company and or reps that you could chose from.

go to afwpi.com
Thank You
Yes, if you are a current member of AFWPI (Association for Wedding Professionals International), they offer an insurance program with liability ins. The company that offers this, which is only offered to members, is the Shoff Darby Company.
(I am a current member)
Thank you so much It was nice meeting you at the bridal show in corona. I will check into that.
Wedsafe seems to be a popular choice for couples in the US. I've also come across Fireman's Fund which I believe is the only one that offers wedding insurance cover for "disinclination to marry" (i.e. changing your mind). Not that I'd imagine many people want that type of cover anyway!

As others have said, I think look for both cancellation and liability cover.

In the UK there are wedding insurance comparison website where you can compare wedding insurance policies but I'm not aware of anything like that in the US.
What is the best company to go with as a planner to cover your business for General Liability Insurance? I am not a member of AFWPI.




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