Wedding planner? What do you think about disposable cameras and apps for collecting guests photos?

There has been a surge in apps for weddings. If you are a wedding planner I would love to hear what your clients think of these services and I would love to work with you. We just made a free version and we edit some of the galleries by hand. Do brides and grooms care about these photos?

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I'm a bride not a planner, but I have to say disposable cameras don't make sense anymore when guests all have smartphone cameras. Disposable cameras just create garbage. I'd go eco friendly and not buy a bunch of cameras just to throw them out afterwards, when all the guests come with cameras anyway. I'd rather see some kind of app where people can pool all their photos instead.

There are plenty of apps like this, including and

It's nice to have these pictures. The photographer will do the posed photos as well as some candid shots, but it's fun to see different perspectives and moments that the guests managed to capture. I'm definitely going to use one of these apps for my wedding. It will be fun to peruse the guest's photos later on.

On the same topic, it looks like some people are doing NO guest photos at their weddings. No-Camera Weddings?! I'm not sure what to think of that. It makes a good point but I don't know if my guests would go along.

We have a service PixelParty This allows guests to upload photos to the bride and grooms wedding gallery kind off like a disposable camera but digital. 

All our feedback has been great, I dont think the issue is the disposable camera element but getting pictures back alot of guests don't send them back or their on different channels and you lose qaulity etc. feedback is this is simple and does what it does.


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