Not every engaged couple is going to want fine china, crystal, and a new blender. Many a couple these days don’t spend much time in the kitchen, and even less time actually cooking. Why make a list of gifts that will probably end up collecting dust in the pantry? If a gift registry is not your (nor your fiance’s) thing, then what options do you have? Aside from asking for money (not a bad idea once you know how to phrase it well), there are more creative options out there.


My Fiance and I recently signed up for a Wish registry at UponOurStar (dot) com. Instead of asking for cash, we were able to ask for our most meaningful wishes to be granted — we asked for things we need in our dream home (this fixer upper won't fix itself!!) and even a few fun things like fancy restaurants and a couple fun honeymoon excursions! We received rave reviews from friends who say they love the idea of giving meaningful gifts instead of just *stuff* they know we probably don’t need …. and we really love the fact that we get cash in our bank account without being blatant about it! I highly recommend looking into the "other" registry and making a way to make your wishes come true!


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