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Just want to let all of you know that I have recently opened up my own business of Wedding Planning and proud to say I'm a qualified International Wedding Planner.

I would love to work with vendors around the world. If you wish for me to recommend you to my clientss please email me on info@exclusiveplanning.co.uk

I have been doing wedding planning for ages but more of freelance now I have set-up my own business and in London however can go internationally.

To the brides, I work with all sort of budget in the world and I'm going to be honest if you do wish to hire me as your wedding planner and your from outside of England I would need months in advance notice so I can get to know you and what type of wedding you want, however I am affordable.


Visit my website: www.exclusiveplanning.co.uk and email me for more info.


Sheuly Begum

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Congratulations on joining the wedding industry
Thank you :)
Congratulations! Glad to have you :-)
Thank youu :)
Congratulations on your new adventure, I wish you all the luck in the world!
Thank you :)


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