What advice would you give to a bride wanting a single vendor for videography & photography?

Do you think they can be proficient enough at both even with an assistant?  I'm thinking that they are 2 separate arts and would wonder if videography might just be an afterthought.  

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They are two separate arts, but I think it's possible to meet vendors who are great at both; I just don't think that a vendor can perform both functions at a wedding with an assistant.

My client is now looking at weddingbug.com.  I'm very leery of these types of companies.  I'm afraid that the saying you get what you pay for will happen with these companies.   I'd prefer to work with local vendors I know.  I might have to just have a little "You hired me to help you" discussion and to slow it down just a little bit.  

I've never worked with them or know of any brides who has hired weddingbug; did your couple say how they found them? If they were referred by another bride that she trusts, this may not be an issue

well  both photo and video are the same, in the academy awards they recognize not the best film but the best photo, of course the big difference is that one is moving and the other is static, but to hire depends of the photographers work that you like what you see because is what you gona get.

After hearing of another bride's experience with the company (not the contracted vendor through the company) it was enough to convince my bride to go with local vendors.  The problem appears to be with the restrictions in editing and the way a videographer is restricted in shooting the video.  The product comes out as more of a collage of pictures rather the story of their wedding day being told.  When you hear that a wedding vendor is glad they don't have to put their name on the end product, you know that it's not good news.  This substantiated my opinion for use local vendors who really care rather than online companies that claim to do everything for a "good price". I feel fortunate to have found someone who knew a bride who used them to get the valuable information.

Thank you for your responses.  Problem solved and any similar problems in the future solved as well.


From my point of view, as long as You don't hire a 'company' (I mean many people) to do that job it makes no sense. 

Most of moments moments during the big day are very very unique. While photographs can capture the moment, the very unique second, the movie captured at the same time may not transfer all those emotions - ergo, must be captured from different place (or many places)... 

I'm not trying to say it's impossible, I say it's very hard to single photographer to make it really good.

Or the power of his persuasion is huge :)



Videography and photography are two separate professions.  Diane and Theodora at Design a Day Greece, prefer that if budget restrictions apply, rather economize elsewhere for the wedding, than on the photographer.  Why?  Long after the wedding is over your photographs will still be with you.

Try and use a photographer that is a member of the AG/WPJA.  The WPJA   represents the most discriminating talent around the world technically, creatively and visually and its members hold industry-leading standards, skills and business integrity. The AG/WPJA on the other hand, is a body of outstanding wedding photojournalists who are the top of the wedding photographic industry when it comes to capturing images. The Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalist Association of international wedding photographers, are photojournalists, who capture natural unscripted wedding moments, as they occur and are excellent in the art of post production image processing.  If it is posed images you prefer then you can use any photographer.  But if you would like your wedding documented in a photojournalistic art form, then stick with the AG/WPJA who have members all around the globe and you will definitely find one in your area.

A photographer usually will need an assistant to assist him with the photographs.   The videographer is also a specialist in his own right and records wedding ceremony and reception, moments on his own and will probably offer you the option of editing at an additional price.


Photographers sometimes use more than one assistant, to capture more than one angle of a particular shot.

It’s totally up to the bride and groom, but a decision to economize on the photographer should be very well thought out, considering the circumstances.



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