It seems like no matter how many ads i put up, events i throw or sites i join i can hardly ever find clientele! Any suggestions?

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Offer unique services.
Network with other vendors
Get referrals from current/past customers
Advertise SMART - track each effort, use the ones that work and kill the others.
(did I mention network?)
Have you tried networking with local vendors such as cake decorators, venues, florists and the bridal shops? I have handed out my cards for them to give out. To make sure I'm thought of first, I provide these vendors with shots from weddings I have done (with bridal permission) of their part in the occasion. This helps them and me! Has worked greatly for me! C
One of the things we do that really seems to work is giving brides a coupon to the current bride we're working with. She then gives them to her friends. On the coupon it gives 15% off their package and then we list reason why they may need our services.
I mostly network with meetups and other local organizations. I am also planning on printing 8 x 10 images for my vendors that my brides work with.
I've thrown networking parties and also contact other vendors by phone or email. My next step is to go door to door and actually meet and greet with some of the top vendors in colorado so that they know I'm serious and that i mean business!! :)
HI I am a caterer having the same experience you are ! I am in networks, have worked on the interet ads, bridal shows, you name it. Nothing is working. Any suggestions anyone?
I'm new to the industry and I was thinking about a networking party. It seems like all the vendors in my area already know each other. I'm not sure where to host it or who to invite. I'm also considering just inviting people to coffee one on one.
Greetings Karen,
I have found good results calling in-person to bridal gown stores and getting them to put my business cards on their counter. The same holds true with D.J.'s, Florist shops and event rental places. Places that have a storefront work best. If your city/town has a newspaper that has a section for engagements or weddings, insert an ad for your services. Use a "loss leader" or coupon to get the bride excited enough to call you. I call that a CTA (call to action). Good luck!

Dr. Ronald Turcot

Hey Shairon,


I love your "Networking Party" idea, would you like to share some tips with me, how to organize, how to invite etc?

Please let me know, you may email me at

Have a nice weekend!!


Networking and word of mouth are always the best ways. Ads, open houses, and media socials (facebook, twitter, etc.) are a more subliminal way of advertising. I don't think you should expect immediate results from advertising, as it is more of an investment. If you do expect alot, you are only setting yourself up for disappointment. Advertising takes time and in the end you will get the desired results.

Another thing to consider, what exactly are you advertising? Maybe your ads are not sending out the correct message?
Thank you . Patience is maybe a virtue I lack!! If you have time, check out our web site and let me know what you think.

I would appreciate your opinion greatly!
I just looked at your site, sorry, have been out of the loop for a while, If it is weddings you want to do, then at the top where the pics of that meat change to say a wedding cake or some yummy desserts, also on the about pics some are fading out, This will help you out, also I think the reviews, you really don't have to offer an explanation, and on the menu, offer customized to the client.Hope this helps.


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