It seems like no matter how many ads i put up, events i throw or sites i join i can hardly ever find clientele! Any suggestions?

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I think that brides today get a lot of information from your website. Your website should not only have a great design, but also be easy to navigate and have all the information that a bride would be looking for easily available.
- Lisa
This is a fantastic discussion and I don't want to repeat what everyone else has said but I've just been working with a girl who talked me into refreshing my logo to generate more business and although I said I couldn't afford it, once I saw what she had done, I was sold. I'm now about to 'launch' the new logo and jazz up my site. She was really passionate about branding and feels that even small businesses should have a logo to be proud of, and it does really make you stand out. So from a marketing point of view, I now feel ten feet tall and rising with my new logo!!
Her name was Jen Harvey by the way,, I think, if you looking for branding/ logo advice. For me, it was defo worth the money!!
For me referral is a good advertisement. To be able to have a referral just give your best during shooting day as if that is your first and last day of shooting. Then for that you will have a good result of your shooting. Then your client will recommend you to their friends 100 percent.
For me referral is a good advertisement. To be able to have a referral just give your best during shooting day as if that is your first and last day of shooting. Then for that you will have a good result of your shooting. Then your client will recommend you to their friends 100 percent.
Patience Patience Patience ... Dont get disheartened, stick with your plan. There are many Social Networking sites that you will need to get involved with. Ads, I trust Google Adwords dont know if you tried them, do give them a spin.

Spread word locally.

Good luck.
I agree!!!! What haven't I tried? And nothing seems to work! I am discouraged too!
Any ideas?
I avoid paying for any advertisments ads or publishing in any magazines. There is no guarantee of any customers coming forth & you dont even know if it gets noticed...paying $$$$ for advertising will just run you into the ground!
Network, Network, Network! I agree with everyone below. Contact local some shows but be careful how much you spend on them. Always ask for a better price then they give you.
Wedding website can get you out there as well. & are two great sites that can help you connect with you local vendors.
I've done the expensive advertising campaigns (ex. TheKnot), and I've also gone the free route which entails networking with local vendors in the wedding industry. Hands down, I've gotten more referrals and new clients from networking than with any of the paid advertising I've done. The majority of my new clients come from other vendors I've worked with referring me, or previous clients passing my name on. I'm in the process of creating a referral rewards type program.......not to be confused with a kickback (that nasty word comes up all the time with wedding planners!).....but just as a way to say thank you for thinking of me and making the referral.

I have also found that doing local bridal shows usually provides good results. I tend to do the smaller shows, rather than the huge expensive shows that shuffle 1,000 brides through an event space in 4 hours. I feel like with the larger shows, you're lucky if you can hand everyone a card, much less stop to talk about what you do. The smaller shows give me a chance to at smile and say hello to everyone who walks by, and talk to a lot more brides. The smaller shows (at least in my area) can run from $200-$400, which is usually do-able on a small business budget. If you make 1 booking, you've made your investment back.
I've had the same experience! Good relationships with other vendors goes a long way!!
Work really hard on getting those word-of-mouth referrals.
Other wedding vendors, past clients, the community you live in.
You can do something special within your community (ex. can food drive) and get publicity.

FREE publicity is also your best marketing.
I almost always glance through the ads and read the articles.
If you can get an article written and placed in a publication.

Hope this helps.

Carolyn Burke, Wedding Liaison
St Louis MO
This is so encouraging to hear. These magazines find me actually because my product is so beautiful and rare and they try to get me to spend money, money that I really do not have in my budget for advertising. It's sort of an offshoot idea but I'm hoping this will work for me--I got in touch with a small business publication in my area, the Mohawk Valley Business Journal, (for the Utica, NY area). There has to be a significant reason for them to do an article about a business, a change, a sponsorship, etc. My hook happened to be that I have a customer who has allergies to polyester, rayon and viscose. (Poor thing). She loves my pieces and I have a wide variety of items and services, yes, but also, I have conveyed through my site, too that I have an actual concern and inherent need to fulfill the customer's every request. My two solutions to marketing are: LOOK INTO EVERY AVENUE OF COMMUNICATION and GIVE GREAT EXAMPLES OF HOW YOU ARE UNIQUE COMPARED TO YOUR COMPETITION. 1.) Paper publications want to stay afloat so they have to really stay fresh and meaningful, their competition is the digital market. Hit the publications who also have a digital means of publications. 2.)Your uniqueness must be shown and highly featured in your site and every time your name is spoken or read about. Adwords....I'll look into this, too. Thanks Gurinder....below.... God Bless everyone. Put God first, last and always. No one loves you more! Merry Christmas everyone. Michele Eddins Floral Compliments
I have tried many of the networking sites and they seem to be good tools. My websites sells plus size bridal and prom and I am having a hard time obtaining traffic. Everyone seems to suggest to network with other vendors. How do I do this when I am strictly online? What do I do to get more Traffic?


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