It seems like no matter how many ads i put up, events i throw or sites i join i can hardly ever find clientele! Any suggestions?

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You have to be patient, especially when it comes to the internet since there are millions of websites out there, and hundreds of thousands, or even millions of websites related to yours, and it takes a lot of time and effort to get your website out there and noticed in the search engines. Keep posting on the free sites like craigslist, backpage, and any other free classified sites, and be sure to include in your ad as many keywords relating to your service as possible, since the more keyword density you have with a link to your site, the higher priority its given by search engines when they come across these ads and links to your site. Get a link to your website out there everywhere you can. Research websites that have to do with what you offer (just not your competitors) and ask for them to place a link to your website on theirs. Try to get a one way link exchange with them, meaning a link to your website on theirs without you putting a link back to their site on yours. Google gives your website a higher rank when others link to your site... especially when theres not a link back to their site. There is so much I can say, but I hope this helps out to start. Good Luck!

Phillip Brunelle
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We track all of our customers when they walk in the door. Most are from searches on the web like Yelp, the knot, or our own website or from referral. All the rest are a supplement of this, meaning they like us on facebook but only fan us after they saw us from above. I always try to leave my "mark" whereever I go, too, like below.
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You are not the only ship in the water. I too work my fingers to the bone. Call and e-mail and with so many shows going on my clients are getting tapped out. I am struggling and have been in the business for 40 years. Constantly reinvent but not sure what is going on besides the economy. More brides are doing it for themesleves. I have a friend where $$ is no object yet yesterday she told me she's doing her wedding herself. Any suggestions to get vendors? I offer referral $$ too as well to my clients.

I've done all these, contacted vendors personally, tried to build good relationships with them, most of them are really nice and cooperative. I joined some of the networking groups online and face-to-face.But it still goes slow.

Now I am thinking about organizing some kind of the little bridal show,  invite all of my vendors and make a big advertizing of it. Hope this will help to get more clients.

What do you think about it?

I'm a new wedding coordination business that is active online and trying my best to network with local businesses. The block I keep encountering is how to break into the already networked previous vendors that have been around for 5+ years. I feel intimidated by them and don't want to seem desperate to them. Any advice?

Bloomz is small, unique flower shop in a rural community.  We are aggressively changing our marketing strategy this year to include shows, increased internet exposure, and radio advertising.  We're hoping these ideas plus a very up to date website  will help us increase sales in 2012.

I found over the years that the simple $100 referral fee works best. People seem to lean towards getting something in return for the referral over referring someone that does not recipricate.  So that is what works for me.

This is a tricky subject, i dont know how useful my thoughts are, but they might help somebody. 

I have always been told referrals from your past clients is the best way to get new clients. I find this to be helpful. As a Napa Wedding Photographer that is growing and raising my prices I am finding that this is not the case for me. The clients i served in the past were of a lower price range, and the people they recommend are looking for the same deal although my prices are considerably higher. So i am finding my best clients are coming from yelp and google, along with a few from local vendors that I have met. I have tried pay per click, and found it to be a poor way to find clients. 

Those are my thoughts

Jon M Photography
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There are lots of ways to market the business. Verbaly,through client referral; newspaper publication or flyer and through social network. Its just need time and patient because result wont come out over night. Good luck

As a wedding photographer, I have found success with mailing packages to local wedding planners. In the package were pricing sheets, a promo available, business cards to pass out, and personalized wooden coasters. Sending vendors gifts that they won't throw away (such as paper products, postcards, flyers, etc...) will mean that your business name has a better chance to stay in the forefront of their mind.

Any suggestions on my website? I am still new in this area and would love to get some feedback and more business contacts!

Some great advice here! I am new to the wedding world so I love to read all the tips :)

What great ideas,Thank you for sharing!


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