It seems like no matter how many ads i put up, events i throw or sites i join i can hardly ever find clientele! Any suggestions?

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I like Shairon over the last few months, I've been working on improving my website and to get better at using it as a marketing tool. Not quite sure if it's working. Could you look it over and let me know what changes you'd make, if any. Send me an email response with details. Thanks so much for your help.

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I have read all the great advice, and I think we can conclude that networking and word-of-mouth are the almost-guaranteed methods of getting mew (and keeping existing) customers.

I do have a question, though - what about marketing a particular event?

One day each week I have extended hours, and we serve champagne and samples at my boutique. We started doing this earlier this month. What's a way I could get more people into my boutique that one night a week where we're open late? So far these nights have been dead...

Any advice/suggestions would be appreciated!
Your idea and methods sounds great BUT,you need a "hook." Advertise what you are doing, and also that there is an "informative seminar for future brides" being provided by a wedding industry expert. The seminar is FREE and there will be a question & answer period immediately following. Ask someone you know who can be considered a real expert as your speaker. Hopefully, they will have years of experience in their field. Every week, try to have someone different as a speaker, to include an Officiant that is well versed in the industry. You need to change the subject matter weekly. If your town has a city website where you can advertise, create a list of your weekly seminar subjects. You will quickly be considered an "EXPERT" in your industry and drive future brides to you. It pays to advertise! b>/b>
network, network, network.

We have a bridal organization with 40 vendors in it. This provides lots of leads
tampaweddingofficiants.comTo market your business, especially within the Wedding Industry, you MUST call on wedding vendors who will cater to the same market you do, which are BRIDES. Bring your business cards with holders, to gown companies, photographers stores, tuxedo stores, venues, limousine companies, cake bakeries, D.J.'s. and entertainers to mention a few. Be sure to dress professionally, with a clean-cut image. First impressions mean everything. Remember, you are asking the vendors to trust their judgement and to trust you. A referral from another vendor is really critical. When you meet them, engage them into a conversation and let them tell you about their services or products. You need to know something about their services in order to repeat it to brides, who may ask you for a referral about other vendor services. Really listen to what they are telling you about their businesses. Ask them questions to show interest. It WILL pay off for you. Submitted by: Rev. Dr. Ronald Turcot
I agree with the networking comments. Sometimes that can be the best source of leads/clients because the vendors already know you, have confidence in your work, and a recommendation carries so much more weight than an advertisement. I've also found that Brides know we all have something to sell, but want to know what is in it for them. Focusing our attention on THEM rather then us helps to establish that trust.
Networking is very important but to capture today's couples who are electronically focused, a strong web presence is my top priority and it works!! I am a JP in Connecticut and I have found this article invaluable This is advising you to create FREE local business profiles on Google and Bing (MSN search engine). The more complete the profile the further up you are on the search engine results. This does not happen overnight but I swear that 3 weeks ago, you couldn't find me on the 20th page of a Google search and now I am listed as 2 or 3 on the first page!! I just signed up for Bing, so I can't comment, yet.

I ask my couples if they will write a testimonial and/or sign a picture release because these 2 items help move you up in the search engine ranking, too

Read the discussions that interest you on various social media websites and then share your expertise. You can write a small article and submit to different social media websites. They are always looking for quality content. As I was told early on, "Content is King!!" The more you comment and write the more likely your name will be on the first page of the search results when that youngish couple is looking for a "videographer in Maine".

Also, if you live in a state that has legalized same-gender marriages, domestic partnerships and/or civil unions, then there are few good GLBT websites that will do free listings that will reach a wider audience. And my favorite is This is a paid ad and you will be interviewed by the owner. Mike wants to make sure that his paid advertisers are really gay friendly. No need to be intimidated, Mike's a great guy. Having said that, I am now seeing a marked increase in my out of state couples.

I find networking with other vendors extremely helpful and I don't mean just handing out business cards and brochures. I actually ask other successful vendors, what were the steps they took to get consistent business.

I track how couples hear of me and keep what is working and discard what's not. I have found that buying leads has been a waste of time and money. Not a single one turned to a booked ceremony. So out it went in 6 months with a total investment of $50.00.

And last but not least, I joined the Justice of the Peace Association, LLC. This is another "seal of approval" for couples and another way to network. Join your professional association. And I want to mention that I have been building this business on a shoe string. I did not plunk down a bunch of cash and voila an instant business. I have systematically listed all the ways of building my business and then prioritized them and that included my website. But I will tell you in doing it this way, I understand my market and niche better than most business owners.

Good luck to everyone who owns their own business. May you all be wildly successful!
Wow, great article Christine! Thanks for sharing. You seem like a very saavy business woman!
:) -kristen
I agree, most of my clients are sent to me via referral either from a past bride or a vendor. Whenever I have a wedding were I work with a great vendor I make a little magazine or photo book of some of my best images from the event that pertain to their service; ie flowers for the floral designer, etc. Then I meet with them in their space and give them the "present" I know they will show potential clients and tell them who made the book. I get my most referrals from befriending awesome vendors! networking is key. Also Optimizing your webpage for google, also key. Good luck!
-Kristen Leigh
I would like to know too. I currently run ads on Facebook in conjunction with a promotion and got many enquiries, but not as many as I would like to have since not all enquiries translate into real business.
Hi Sharon,

I am in the same boat as you and as many people on here. It's nice to see everyones feedback on here.

I run a new online jewellery store, it has only been running for 2 months and I am also working on advertising. So far I have just placed an order on business cards and will give them out to bridal stores, etc etc I think a good idea (which I am planning to do in the near future) is to make some flyers and put them in letter boxes. I find facebook to be a great way to advertise. Also, if you go on to google and search for "free listing" you will see many websites where you can adverstise for free.

Hope this helps and Good luck!
Give event planners special deasl for their clients, ex. a gift certificate in the event planners name for your services.
Having a blog that is used as a community for past clients where they can post new pics of themselves, babies and
they can share this with friends they know getting married.

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