It seems like no matter how many ads i put up, events i throw or sites i join i can hardly ever find clientele! Any suggestions?

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The best way to advertise a business for clients is having a website and promoting it online thorough SEO techniques and by social media.

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There are many alternative by which you can draw attention of potential customers to your website.

1. to provide quality product of such kind that customers again came to your website.

2. Use social networking sites to promote your business.

3. Post a blog on WordPress which is of good quality.

I've found most of my vendors through word of mouth,, and I think the best is word of mouth but you should also join some websites too to find new people. Maybe offer some deals?

Creating a blog is a great way to advertise. I read that Wordpress is the best blogging site, but blogger and google + are just as good. I'm not very creative when it comes to blogging. I'm a beginner and doing the best I can.

Keep at it. Initially it is hard but things will change for the better.

Write a blog related to your business, increase your visibility on the social networking sites,checkout the ranking of your website if you are having one. You ca also try giving discount offers for attracting the customers.

I am new to the wedding business and have the same problem. I get brides for meetings, but they don't book. I can't get vendors in my area to network. They stay to themselves.

I am going back to the OLD standard.  Phone calls, direct mail and flyers.  I advertise in magazines, all over the internet and with the wedding business being as FIERCE as it is today.. It is hard to keep up with all the technology and choices the brides have.  Best of luck!

Networking is best too!  Personal contact!

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