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What are the common things bride or couples mistakes when choosing a wedding supplier?

I just want to get the opinions from all of the wedding suppliers like me..Please share..thanks

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When dealing with wedding suppliers, please do not assume anything. They are sales people and will paint a beautiful picture. Just be wary; ask a lot of questions...get it in writing. Thanks, Connie, Heart and Soul Events
...I think that not doing enough research into wedding suppliers can be a mistake...its really important to read reviews from former brides who have used their services, when basing your decision on whether to hire someone, whether a photographer, makeup artist , florist etc...testamonials will be a good way to guage their reliability, talent and expertise and see if they offer what you are looking for.
Also, I dont feel that years of experience always ensure a competent professional-if someone is new to their field, but has enthusiasm, drive and the will to succeed coupled with talent, they could do an equally excellent job and offer as good a service as someone who has been in the business for years and years....
truly agree with you Chitra :)
I couldn't agree with Jeri Solomon more. Many couples focus on the dollar sign only and not the quality, content and experience they are hiring with someone that may (on the surface) cost a little more. This then leads to a false or inaccurate comparisons when couples try to compare two different vendors.
Yes! Everyone in here agrees that pricing over quality is common. It might have said here already but look for references, hire a professional that knows another highly recommended professional and scrutinize their work. You really don't want to be second guessing on your very special event.
I wanted to wish all of our friends in the business a wonderful Holiday Season. To answer your question about the common things brides or couples forget to do or make mistakes when choosing a wedding supplier has to do with not being prepared properly when speaking with suppliers.

When the bride and groom or their families are cagey about what their budget is for any given service, they are putting themselves and the potential wedding service at a disadvantage. The wedding service can only guess and try to read between the lines of their conversation with the couple to try and determine what their budget might be. IF they really haven't thought about it before, frankly the couple isn't ready to speak to wedding services yet. They should know what number priority this particular service they are visiting is to them, ask the range of fees common to the size, location, and general service level the service provides before agreeing to meet with the service. No use wasting anyone's time here.
Happy Holidays,
Tobey Dodge
There is a saying: when you feed peanuts, you get monkeys. Quality always comes with a price tag.
Don’t be swayed by the very busy events planner who manage events far too many and too often in succession. The candidate may or may not be able to give you the quality time and attention you need.
Follow your instinct. You just know it! It feels right when you meet the right person. You can easily spot the trade expert in the confidence and leadership skill he or she exudes. It’s easy to spot the confident from the arrogant.
Choosing to use a professional wedding supplier is of paramount importance to any wedding couple if they wish to avoid a potential disaster. With many business services, it is often the case that you do get what you pay for. A professional may charge more for their services but this is for good reason. They have years of experience and expertise behind them that will ensure that the most important day in a wedding couples lives is an enjoyable and memorable one. Some couples say to me that they have found an entertainer for a much cheaper price and have decided against booking my services. This is of course their perogative but I do make a point of explaining that often a wedding will be remembered for the fun the guests had during the evening. If the entertainment is a let down, the guests will remember the wedding as such. Couples only truly find out how good or bad a wedding supplier is on the day.... If they find that they are bad, they find out too late.

Simply phoning photographers and asking for a price will provide you with a meaningless number. Instead engage in conversation about your wedding and make an effort to meet in real life. You never no you might just get a good deal.

Definitely not researching the vendors the couple is interested in--and then just choosing based on price.  We get so many calls, "How much is it to cater your wedding?"  Well, that blanket question is too open ended to answer, so when we say, "It depends" they seem to get upset.  Is there a cocktail hour? What is your budget, because we can probably accommodate it.  Number of guests, type of food, etc., play a part in the cost. Lobster is more expensive than Pasta primavera.  However, if brides researched a little about the percentage of the budget each vendor "should" cost, a little about the vendors (i.e., is the food fresh, homemade or frozen, the experience of the vendor, references, type of food/photographer/music background, etc.) then they would be more comfortable speaking with each vendor and not feel "ripped off" or as overwhelmed.  And, couples should go with their gut! If a vendor seems sketchy, he or she probably is--at any rate, do you want to risk it?

I think that couples looking first to the price when they go to choose a Wedding supplier Like the rest of us here are we all agree on the same subject.

They forget that quality get less when the price is low. I have also often the experience that they want a relative for their wedding pictures. How a big mistake.

I have even file this kind of photo’s what made by a relative and compare with a professional photograph, yeh.. it’s more expensive, but it’s the job and professionalism of some one. And you see very good the different How often I saw the couple regret not to take a professional photo graph. Even with the best camera  you need the professional person. They think to much that every one can do this.

How often does a wedding planner organize a wedding and how often a couple do it them self…….. The problem is you can not do it over again…..

I hope wedding couples will read this.



I would agree when the couple/bride see a price that looks good they many time fail to look further into the offer to see if any key elements are missing, or if there are loopholes that need to be pulled closed. Price is the biggest factor in any event and many time suppliers know that brides are looking for a bargain and need to be honest about what truly comes in that bargain package. I say bides need to find the middle ground of what they feel is price acceptable and research, research, research.


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