Hello BridalTweet Family! We're new to the community. We'd love to hear from the group, especially brides and event planners, what the most popular supplies are in planning the wedding or event. Are crystals, branches and feathers still strong? What other supplies are hot?

- Shayna, Koyal Wholesale

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I agree that feathers are becoming more and more popular each and every day! I recently planned a graduation party in May consisting of centerpieces with peacock feathers emerging from eiffel tower vases. I have been seeing that less is more... like you have mentioned, branches and feathers and crystals.. as well as pearls draped amongst vases, chandeliers, crystals.. Also, another popular trend is the draping of ceiling cloths and vibrant colored lights like pinks and greens.. fun fun fun!!
Hi! I'm a wedding planner in Corona, CA. I own my own business called Veils and Fairytales. Yes, I'm doing a wedding right now where the bride wants both feathers and crystals as well as curly willow branches in her centerpiece. I think all of these are very popular and still going strong. I have seen a lot of requests for crystals and branches. I think they will remain popular for a while. They are fun and look beautiful and can just make a room look gorgeous!
Hi neighbor! Great to be connected. Thank you for these lovely ideas! Looking forward to seeing your work. We've expanded our range of feathers, crystals and branches. We also now carry these gorgeous Metal Candle Trees with clear Candle Holders that brides and planners are falling in love with ( see here - http://ow.ly/IfDC ). We are also one of the first in the nation to carry the new 2010 Floralytes - Submersible Floralyte-9 (aka Sub-9 Floralyte) w/ 9 LED Lights (see here - http://ow.ly/IfGC ).

We'd love to work with you as we are so close by. Drop by our warehouse at 231 Teller Street, Unit 101, Corona, and we can give you a tour of our showroom! - Shayna, Koyal Wholesale (951) 734 3888
A Memory Lane Event in Denver agrees with feathers, crystals, branches. You can never go wrong with ostrich, pheasant or peacock. Boas are great fun for all too. Anything with crystals and branches are super popular. But our other favorite that we have that is requested is crystal and glittered branches with LED lights. Fairy lights are a must for any mystical or fairytale type themed event or wedding.

Thanks Jennifer! Looks like we are right on track with crystals, feathers, branches and lighting. Thanks for the photo! For 2010, we think these floralytes will be very popular: Submersible Floralyte III w/ On/Off Button & Three Light Settings NEW FOR 2010! http://ow.ly/IfKI


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