Please share some of the popular color schemes you seen at weddings, heard about or would love to see for this year?

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Orange, Crimson, Black, Peach, or Green is what I am seeing alot of requests for from couples
Lots of black and white...always looks clean and elegant!
The majority of my weddings this year were black & white with a splash of color!

Black + White + Pink
Black + White + Green
Black + White + Red
Black + White + Multi-Colors

The black & white prints were big this year; damask, toile, and I even saw zebra print!

We've had requests for our custom favors in the following combinations:
Pink and black
Blue, Purple and Silver (actually anything with Silver)
Hot Pink And Orange

Silver Seems to be the hot accent color for 2010

Wow im loving all the responses. It has given inspiration to create some fun wedding color boards...take a look and please leave some blog love!

Here is a recent board I did... I really love the softness of the blues and ivorys. I think it could work for both a winter and summer wedding.


2010 will be filled with purples and turquoises.
From a makeup perspective, neutral is still the best choice so no matter what the colour - everything works in harmony.
Best color for 2010 is whatever the bride picks. After doing this for a lot of years I have found that you cannot predict any colors. The floral people have recently pick an aqua as the pantone color of the year and magazines are showing yellow on every page but at the end of the day the bride choose her colors based on whatever she likes. I think its really silly to try and second guess the bride
I recently heard that turquoise was the new "it" color for 2010 weddings.

Check out for inspiration boards on the hottest wedding color combos!
A "Green" wedding , which is the most popular color from our brides weddings. :) however,I like the blue tone wedding~ clear and free like the sky !!!
Purples, turquoise and pewter!


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