Please share some of the popular color schemes you seen at weddings, heard about or would love to see for this year?

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Just voted Most Scratchy Table...
I love that look... Has anyone seen a red, white, and blue wedding?

Completely in love with this.

I would say yellow, purple, coral and turquoise!
I get a lot of brides from the East coast and a classic combo for years has been blush pink, antique gold, and cream. I think this is because many reception halls are decked out with gold accents, so it provides a base for an oppulent fairy-tale setting with pink and cream. I'm also seeing bold combos like Navy and Gold; Black, White, and Apple Green; I even did a wedding with Apricot, Teal, and Mocha.
The main thing I have noticed so far this season is brides asking for their cakes to be iced in white rather than ivory which een popular for the last few years. We have been asked for lots of turquoise and lemon for summer bookings and lots of white on white which is very elegant.
Ooooo seems ive picked the right colour for my dress then. Got a Midnight Blue evening dress for my wedding! With blingy detail on it which stands out.
Greens, browns and purples..My daughter is getting married this year and this is what she is telling me.
We recently had a wedding reception at our establishment, The National Hotel, in Frenchtown, NJ. They chose beautiful, simple spring colors for their floral arrangements, and even their wedding cake. I'm attaching a couple of photos for you to see just how elegant and fresh their theme was, and how it played off the classic white color of some of the tulips and the cake. And all the flowers were in season, easy for the florist to put together...just fresh, uplifting and the right splash of color.
See my blog post on titled "2010 Wedding Color Trends and what the colors say about You"
Still seeing the classic black, red, & white with silver.
I've had at least 3 brides come in for custom printed monograms on chocolate wedding favors that are going with Sangria and sliver.

Bartina at Chocolate Mountain Images


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