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Please share some of the popular color schemes you seen at weddings, heard about or would love to see for this year?

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all different purples are the color of the moment mixed with grays
I'm loving orange and hot pink as well as turqouise and purple. I just uploaded a post to the blog on my site regarding this very question:
We are using a lot of purple flowers and feathers so far this year however coming in second are cerise's and oranges.

I am seeing alot of peacock blue
I just make some of this colors flowers . Just want to share with others....

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Check out my gallery:
their amazing... are they hard to make?
Thank you very much! I can make many kind of flowers...only need some wire and nylon I can do it. If you are interested how to do my website :

Thank you!
Silver, neutral and swarovski crystals on jewellery and bridal tiaras goes great with all the on-trend colours of the moment.
I would have to say peacock wedding colors seem to be a big trend this year. Personally I love it! I'm trying to figure out of there is some way of incorporating it into our wedding :P
For gorgeous up-to-date palette ideas, I recommend a blog by color expert Kate Smith: You can follow her on Twitter @colorexpert.

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I've been seeing lots of purple and egg plant this year.
Lots of people have been ordering my escort cards in jewel tones or metallic tones. Gray is also popular with white print but also I see a lot of purple and cream and purple and white. Plum is picking up as well.


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