Please share some of the popular color schemes you seen at weddings, heard about or would love to see for this year?

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Thanks for the photos! That shot of the table with the Gerber Daisies is a color we are seeing a lot of too. Love the pics!!

That looks beautiful!

We are still seeing tangerine, bright yellows mixed with softer pinks and lavender. Lt blue with silver or grey is hot right now. Vibrant colors are still the most popular for Spring, browns are on the way out. Lots of red too and black. Many with multiple colors and lots of bright Gerber Daisies. That flower is still really popular.
lavender and plum as well for my brides! purple-mania.
Here is a royal blue and cream bride's cake from this weekend. These colors were predominate through out the wedding. Bridesmaids wore royal blue with cream sashes and cream and royal bouquets. Bride was in cream with a royal blue sash with royal blue orchids and cream accents. Very classy and elegant style and they made excellent use of a very over-powering color.

I have been seeing a lot of rich brown colors - chestnut, cinnamon, copper. Gorgeous bridemaids dresses this year! every shade...even into the blues.
Thanks for all the feedback. The colors you all listed are fantastic!
Yellow is definitely a hot color trend this year for weddings! I'm also seeing a lot of plums and variations of purple this year as well.
I'm seeing a lot of browns an greens......also heard of bride using her college colors of royal blue and orange.
We have been seeing a lot of what everyone has been mentioning, (jewel tones, bright colors, etc), as well as a lot of black and white weddings. Some just use black and white, while others use black and white with a bright color like red or fuchsia.
We are seeing the purple, plums too but also the summer blues -- sometimes together! Black, white and ivory are still the most popular colors we sell in wedding sand. It was fun to read about all the color combinations!



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