Please share some of the popular color schemes you seen at weddings, heard about or would love to see for this year?

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The theme which attracts the viewers of wedding ceremony.picking the colors are the one of important thing in the wedding ceremony.Discuss with couples,friends and well-wisher.If you want the information of wedding,you can use the wedding app and know more information of wedding.
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white is the eternal color,also the pink
Choosing your wedding colors may seem a bit daunting, especially if you aren’t particularly visually oriented or your partner is color-blind and absolutely no help. Yet it’s really quite easy. Most people base their wedding colors on a favorite shade or favorite flower. You’ll want to choose one primary and one or two accents.This year popular wedding colors are Diamond Blue and Coral and other trend are the Purple, Teal Blue, Emerald Green, and Gold.If you want more information,can use the wedding planner iPhone app and get gain from  it.
pink and Champagne

Maybe white,blue or nude...Whatever,it does not matter.You can choose what you like.

Green, red, golden, pink are few of the popular colours I have seen being followed in marriages lately.

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This year we're receiving a lot of orders for our Custom Seed Favors in the colors purple, teal and green. The same colors seem to be popular for our clients lettering choices, even when the designs have many other colors in them to choose from. We're not seeing a lot of brown. We also still get alot of requests for various shades of pink, which seems to remain popular year after year. I hope this helps.


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I am still seeing, light blue, off white's, white, orange, bright yellows, light violet, soft pinks, purple's, steel grey and grey are also doing well. Strong vibrant colors are still used all most everywhere.

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Wow, this thread has a long shelf life, all the way back to 2009! It would be interesting to go through time and see how colors have changed. Here's what I'm thinking for 2012...

* Accents of Tangerine Tango (Pantone's spring color of the year)

* Deep purples, reds--shoes (even the bride's), bouquets, decorations, etc.

* Black and white

I have just attended a Wedding Fair on Sunday, 22nd April 2012 in Surrey, UK as an exhibitor.  I found many brides have teal or turquoise blue colour for their wedding.  So I have designed and made something blue range jewellery.  They are on my website and prices are from £9.99:

Currently Purple with white is also in trend...


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