Please share some of the popular color schemes you seen at weddings, heard about or would love to see for this year?

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Here in Florida our brides seem to be all over when it comes to wedding colors.  Plum has been popular accented with white, silver or crystals.  We've found they love the chair, pad and charger combination pictured below. 

You'll see lots of other combinations used on our blog.


Tangerine orange- while alone can be overwhelming - pair it with hot pink to calm it down.  Red and pink ahh gorgeous. Both innovative and daring. And of course soft lilac and maganta. A fresh and light approach to the heavy handed purples of 2011.

I'm seeing quite a bit of the plum/eggplant shades this year, especially for fall weddings.

I would say white is the traditon and most welcomed, and rencently when I go around wedding forums, I see a lot of navy wedding.

I'm doing the Bridal Extravaganza Jan.2013 so I've been looking at what may be hot for next year.Mint green is the color you will be seeing and bird themes will also be popular from what I've been reading.I'm going to use a touch of mint green with blush pinks,white and taupe in my booth display.

I am starting to see some more white and also some coral.

I attended this big fat Indian wedding and there I saw extensive usage of whites, pinks and golds and it looked gorgeous... could very well be Indian wedding colours of 2013...

I'm still seeing plum and blue but still getting bow tie requests in orange and pewter.

There were a lot of variations of colors for this year, I guess.

I started with the details like the color of the wedding or what they call as "motif", it was like some bright colors such as green, red,orange/tangerine. But on the gowns/dress were still like as the traditional, though there were a lot of colored wedding gowns today. It includes some pastel colors such as Cream,Pink and of course! the traditional WHITE GOWN.

Though there were a lot of colors that client demands, me as a designer usually give some great ideas about gowns that differs on their skin tones. You can try to have it any design and color,just visit this website for some ideas.



Emerald green.


I'm a beach bride and I have come across a lot of great color combinations online. But I'm so looking forward to the classic aquamarine. I just love the idea of the bride's gown flowing beautifully which resembles the sparkling waves of the ocean. Like this -- >> Source


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